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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch-Up Week 003......


1. Monday saw a spot of late Easter baking. Well I say baking, but really I mean I made the simple recipe of Easter nests, where you basically melt chocolate in a bowl, pour over corn flakes, mix it all together, put into cupcake cases & put in the fridge for an hour & voila!! Still baking does sound more sophisticated! 
2. Wednesday was initially dedicated to travelling to & from, as well as having an interview!! After over one hours worth of travel to the location in the freezing cold, I really, really hoped that the interview would go well. After not having a stead job for nearly four months, I was not only desperate for the money but also I just wanted to work! I am so thankful that it did go well- as I said before I have a very strong gut, so I know if something goes well or not just from a feeling. The person interviewing me was so lovely & easy to talk to, that for the most part, we just went off the set questions & just chatted! Needless to say, my interview ran half an hour over & I was extremely happy that on Friday they called to offer me the job!! I accepted & start on 15th *high fives everyone*

3. I had a huge blog spring clean. Basically I went through every blog that I am subscribed to & this does sound extremely harsh but, all of the ones that are no longer active, that I don't read on a regular basis or I no longer feel inspired/compelled to read- instantly got deleted. So from having sixty plus blogs on my list, I now have a more manageable forty- of which I can say that I read & enjoy every single one of them. 

4. Adam surprised me by buying this bag from Zara for me, that I have been lusting over for months (since before Christmas!). This is why I feel so incredibly lucky to have found him ♥

5. Currently addicted to these two channel on Youtube- (1) (2). I honestly constantly check my feed to see if they have put up a new video! Completely inspiring & great videography, I enjoying watching both of these channels. 

6. Today (Sunday) started off an early one for me, as it is the beginning of carbooting season so I woke up at seven (am) to go stake out some bargains! Unfortunately today's carboot was very disappointing as I didn't manage to find anything, but that's the beauty of carboots, you never know what your going to find! & today also marks my parents wedding anniversary, they have been married for twenty nine years & are still as happy & in love as they were then. I went with them to the church where they got married & took a few photographs for them & we actually found that the church was open (every time we visit, it is always locked) & so twenty nine years later, my parents went back into the church where they said their vows- cute huh!? 

7. Highlights on the blog include: My top 5 spring nail polish shades & on Youtube: March Favourites

How has your week been? 

Much Love,

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