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Sunday, 2 May 2010

April Adorings & April Showers ♥

So April has just ended & its now May which means only one thing...... SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY NEARLY HERE :)So I'm sitting here at my computer thinking what to write on my blog & I have decided to do an In's & Out's post titled: April Adorings & April Showers.

April Adorings:

1. Minimal Makeup.

Now that it's getting warmer I ALWAYS have the urge to wear minimal, natural makeup. For me its all about the bronzer, highlighter and gold tones, a la Lauren Conrad. Mixed with pink fresh rosy cheeks, it gives the healthy glow that I LOVE for the summer months. Benefit Dandelion Blusher & Benefit High Beam are the products I cannot live without this summer.
2. Lush "Comforter" Bubble Bar.

OH MY GOSHHHH!!!! I HAVE JUST DISCOVERED HEAVEN!! I brought this at the beginning of the month and lord its AMAZING! It's big enough to use in at lest 3 baths and turns the water a lush pink. Smells really summery with the blackcurrant smells, defiantly worth £3 and I've already brought my 3rd one. ADDICTED!

3. Nature Time.

The smell of freshly cut grass, different scents of flowers mingeling in the air, BBQ's, walking across fields, walking around in barefoot, feeling the warmth of the sun on your face, taking walks as the sun sets on warm evenings- this is what I love about the transition to summer.

4. Floral Dresses.

Yes it's a wardrobe staple for me, yes I have about 7 different floral dresses in my wardrobe, but it's my signature summer/spring look! It brings me back to my childhood of running around barefoot in a maxi floral dress every summer. Now I'm all grown up I can wear it in many different ways. A light weight cardie, blazer or leather jacket breaks up the look and can make it as casual or as smart as you want it. MUST HAVE FOR THIS SUMMER ♥

5. Dried Fruit & Nuts.

Ohhhh yes I have been on a major health kick this past month. Having given up chocolate and crisps for lent (not that i eat tones of it anyways) & replaced them with crispy soya beans and dried fruit and nut mix, I have not looked back and have carried on with this plan. Honestly it is a fab snack when your working and I do not feel hungry or that I need anything more after having it as a snack. Normally I have along side it a smoothie or an apple/carrot/strawberries/pear as a little snack in the afternoon and I feel a lot more fresh and healthy for it.

April Showers:

1. Thick, Chunky Cardigans.

It's on it's way to spring/summer and seeing people wearing thick knits in nice weather makes me sad :( embrace the warmth whilst we can!!

2. Takeaway Coffee/Tea/Iced Drinks.

Mega expensive! You can buy a whole pack of tea bags for how much it cost to buy a tea in well known coffee houses *coughs* Starbucks! Buy a thermas flask or a funky water bottle and make your own drinks! Believe me it's cheaper, better for you & sooo much fun :)

3. Thick Foundation.

It's getting warm guys so strip back to the tinted moisturiser or a lighter foundation to get a dewier summer complexion. Don't hide behind your winter face!!

4. Working on nice days.

They should make it against the law to go into work on a nice day and not see the light of day til after 7, when most of the nice day has disappeared!! Rawwrrr for working in retail!!

5. Mouths/Daddy long legs & Wasps.

Three insects I cannot stand during the nice months :( Wasps are attracted to my room and are everywhere I go. I literally run away screaming from them & unlike bee's have many lives so they can sting you loads of times and not die!!! Also mouths just flap around my lights all the time which is tres annoying! Same goes for Daddy long legs & I have a fear of swollowing one in my sleep HA!

That's all for now guys & enjoy the lovely weather even though it's not that nice for this bank holiday :( hopefully next bank holiday will be better :)

Much Love Elle xoxoxo


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