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Sunday, 14 April 2013

My Vanity & Makeup Collection Tour.....

I have been having a mega organisation spree this week- partly because I know it's Spring (Spring cleaning anyone!?) but also because it has been so dreary & raining most days that I didn't feel like going out & instead I decided to tackle organising my room. 

My vanity for a long time had become very cluttered & un-organised, partly due to the fact that I would just throw my makeup into my draw & rummage through it over & over again to find something, but also because I kept most everyday products out on the top of my table, so I could just grab it & use it quickly! Now I HATE having things look cluttered & messy & I strongly believe that it is bad karma, so of course being the Pinterest fanatic that I am, I began browsing through other peoples amazing beauty areas & thought I would take some inspiration & have a little clear out!
L-R- Gold Mirror- Carboot, Black Toast Vase- Emma Bridgewater, Glass Jewellery Box- Sainsburys, Silver & Black Photo frames- Garden Centre & Cream Candle- Primark   
L-R: Glass jar with heart on front- Pepperbox Trading, Tall Glass Urn- Next & Crystal Cut Perfume Bottle- Carboot 
                                 Oval Mirror- Antique/Vintage Shop
L-R: Wicker Bag- Primark, Blue Polka Dot Makeup Bag- Cath Kidston & Suitcases- Antique/Vintage Shop
I love to buy things from thrift/second hand/vintage shops. Partly because I love a project that I can renovate to how I want it to look like, plus it has character & style that modern pieces lack. But also because I love the idea of the story behind many older pieces. I know that it might not be every body's cup of tea, but sometimes you have to look beyond something to see the true potential of it & honestly the quality of the furniture will last you for a lot longer, then say an MDF ikea table, that will chip & bow after a year. It does take time to find something that you love, but it is really worth it when you do & the good thing about buying second hand is that they sell it for a really inexpensive price.
                    Shabby Chic Dressing Table- Antique/Vintage Shop 
                                Black Toast Vases- Emma Bridgewater
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If you are a beauty/makeup kind of person, or just somebody who likes to get inspiration from seeing how other people organise their things, then please watch the video below & you will see just how I organised all of my makeup & products, as well as giving you all a little makeup collection tour. Oh & of course there is some little tips from me about how to utilise the storage you have & different storage ideas!

^^^ Watch it HERE ^^^

What is your vanity 'set up'? Have you been having a major spring clean?

Much Love,

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