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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Snap, Crackle & POP!!

I am a Lushaholic.

So it comes as no surprise that I have already purchased A LOT of the lush Christmas collection. Last year I discovered 'Cinders' Bath Ballistic and fell in love with it, so this year I was VERY happy that it was back and just as amazing as ever :)

On the Lush website it is described as "A spicy, soda-scented ballistic, that crackles like a roaring fire and warms like a hug from Prince Charming." It is exactly as it is described though I think it's just a little bit better- the scent just smells like a fire, really smokey and autumnal. I really like things that remind me of snuggly times :) I LOVEEE the look of it with the little red crackling balls (or cinders) on the outside, look a little like Rainbow drops! It's like a little fireball!

When you drop it in your bath, it instantly starts to crackle, however the one negative thing about this product is I thought the crackling would be A LOT louder then it actually was :S However once you get past that it is a great ballistic. As it is a ballistic and not a bubble bar, there will not be any bubbles (which some people may not like) which can be a little disappointing if you want a really bubbly bath. However I think that the smell and price kinda makes up for it!

For £1.95 it makes a really nice stocking filler for Christmas and will keep you warm on those cold, winter nights. This is already the thrid one I have used since the Christmas range came out, so it shows how much it love it!

If you have used this particular bath ballistic, tell me about your experiences by leaving a comment.

Much Love,

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Wool Explosion......

It snowed today. I couldn't get into work. I need to keep warm. Layers of wool and knitwear is the answer.

Use the weather as your inspiration.

Wrap up warm & stay cosy & comfortable.

all images from google.

Elle xoxoxo

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Little Red Dress.....

Zara at the moment is just full of surprises, some days there is absolutely nothing that leaps out in front of you saying 'buy me', other days you can find some STUNNING pieces. Recently I have found some gems.

The Lavin collection may have sold out, however this is a complete show stopper that could give Lavin a run for his money! The fabric may look a little inexpensive however the shape is gorgeous & the colour is a complete knockout. It looks just like a designer piece for half the price tag. At £99 it is a little expensive, however with Christmas round the corner & the many social events it brings- this dress could completely pay for it's self.


If you have to pick a simple dress for the party season, Zara is the place to go:

p.s The bag & shoes are two other gems online at the moment that I'm seriously considering purchasing!

Note: All images are from

Elle xoxoxox

Sunday, 7 November 2010

7 Days 7 Nails.......

So I was early for work one day & as I needed some eye makeup remover I decided to have a wounder around Boots (as you do!). Instantly I was greeted by the AMAZING amount of Christmas goodies that were already out (even though it was the end of September) & I had a lovely warm/happy feeling. So I'm looking around & I see one of my favourite makeup brands- Frontcover Cosmetics had out LOADS of Christmas gift sets this year,which made me very excited. Because not only do i loveeee my rainbow eyes palette & wanted to try out some of the others, but they were also on a 3 for 2 offer & there were sooooo many different ones to choose from. I thought as last time the rainbow palette sold out mega quick, these would too.

So in summary I spent a good half an hour pondering over which ones to get, forgot to buy eye makeup remover & was nearly late for work.... but it was worth it!!

One of the gift sets I brought was the 7 days 7 nails- I brought this because not only am I a huggeee lover of nail polish, but the colours that were in the collection were festive/vibrant/expensive looking. The colours in the set were really different to many of the colours I normally use & are completely bang on trend for fall/winter.

First impressions: As always the thing that draws me to the brand & any cosmetics is the packaging. & Frontcover put sooo much effort into their packaging & the ways it's presented. I ♥ how the box looks like it's a fashion mag (very voguesque) & the photograph is beautiful- simple, neutral makeup pulls the focus to the nail polish on the front & its a nice playful image. This makes it look expensive & classy.

When you open up the box it's nicely presented, with individual names of the colours written on the bottom of their little spaces. One of the things I really like about Frontcover is how they really think out what their customers want & who the people are who will be buying their products. As someone who is not very good at applying makeup of any kind & likes to be experimental, I love how they give instructions/tips on how to create different looks on every gift set, using the tools provided. This one in particular gives a amazingly creative tutorial on how to use all of the colour in the set to create a beautiful surrealist nail (though for me personally as I am quiet impatient, I would not be able to sit down for hours just to do it on my nails)- but it is a great idea & looks fab.

Carrot, High Risk Red, Morning Glory

Black Iris, Ruby Wine, Deep Purple, Spruce

As I said before the reason why I got this set in particular is because of the colours. I LOVE how the jewel inspired colours have a iridescent/marble quality to it- if you keep turning the polish in the light you can see tonnes of different colours sparkling away :) Ruby Wine will be the colour I will wear on Christmas Day & Black Iris for New Year. The quality of the colours & application defiantly rivals that of the high end nail polishes, such as Nails Inc. The consistency is thick & shinny, which makes it very easy to apply evenly, however I do feel that you need to apply two coats to make the colour really stand out.

I LOVED the end result- the application process was simple, it dried quiet quickly compared to other nail polishes I own & defiantly the choice of different colours rivals that of the high end cosmetics companies. The only negative thing I would say about these nail polishes is that they chip wayyy too quickly :( However when I did paint my nails again using Spruce, I decided to use my Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Topcoat to see whether it lasted longer this time & yes it did!! So I think that if you want to keep the colour lasting for a good few days, just to apply a clear top coat of any nail polish will work (my Nails Inc one is the only clear topcoat I own!).

Deep Purple

Overall as always with the Frontcover range, I loved this gift set & it will be very well used for a long time. As it was my free set in buy 3 for 2 in the promotion at Boots, it was defiantly worth the money & even if I had brought it for £12, for the amount of nail polishes you get & the quality I would say it's money well spent. If you think about it a Nails Inc Polish is £10.50 just for 1 & you get 7 here for the same quality!! It's a great Christmas present for your sister/niece/daughter/best friend or anyone who is nail polish obsessed :)

If you have never tried any Frontcover Cosmetics before & are a makeup beginner, or someone who has a growing collection but like to try new things,you must try any of their cosmetics & i think you will be pleasantly surprised!

I'll do some more reviews about the other two set I brought
Any Questions just ask :)

Elle xoxoxox


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Autumn Days....

Well, it's definitely fall/autumn now- the leaves are falling from the trees, it's dark at 7am, the need for layers is vital and it's getting uber cold. This is my favourite season, though don't get me wrong I love all seasons, just there's something snuggly and warm about autumn for me :)

So I decided as this weekend was soooo beautiful, I wanted to go on a jolly around my village and local country side, and enjoy the crispy but sunny day. This also included a short stop at my local pub for a drinky (cider), wondering around the local charity & antique shops and also me collecting a HUGE amount of conkers!!!

I am NEVER without my camera when I go walking just in case i come across something amazing/needs to be captured e.g I see an alien or I just happen to bump into Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass gg)

So I wanted to share these with you guys so you can experience with me the beauty of autumn.

Why not share your pics of autumn where you are?



Saturday, 18 September 2010

London Calling......

The weather is turning cooler, the leaves are beginning to fall from the trees & we are all wrapping up in chunky knits. This seems like the perfect time however to look towards what next years Spring/Summer fashion has to offer.

Cue London Fashion Week.

I unfortunately didn't get tickets (due to work grrr!), however I have been (& will carry on) keeping up to date with many of the shows, & planning what to buy for next year. We need to keep on top of these things you see ladies :)

Three of my favourite designers have already presented- Sass & Bide, Paul Costelloe & Topshop Unique, have all strutted down the catwalk in various parts of London.& as always completely delivered.

1.Topshop Unique

1970's hippy with a strong warrior vibe, best describes Topshop Unique's Collection. Think Yoko Ono meets Wonder Woman. The use of earthy colours such as a deep clay red, mustard yellows mixed with the neutralnudes & light pinks (that are still lingering round into this season & well into next), completely captures the essence of a warm summer evening.

The strong 70's undertone lets us channel our inner hippy. Slim legged trousers went into a kicked flare; rocking cropped tops to show off your toned stomach; long chiffon bat winged sleeves fly out of psychedelic photo printed jumpsuits; disco ball sequined dresses to get us all in the partying mood. Also the contrast in proportions from maxi dresses to tiny mini numbers, proves there are no rules next summer.

Warrior platform sandals with a 70's twist of perspex wedge, boomed down the catwalk and the good news....... fringe is here to stay! Accessories? Go grab a pair of circular John Lennon-esque shades & your good to go. All you need now is a coral lip & an over sized Afro & you'll be rockin next summers look.

2.Sass & Bide

This season the duo teach us the art of contrast; mixing hard with soft. The softer shapes of a strapless jumpsuit with a harder clever twisted/knotted detail in the middle, cinched together with a chunky copper belt;shows this practise at it's best. Among the draping & the ruffles the element of contrast was in every piece, with the soft silk and the hard straw like neck pieces that were on display on most outfits. The colour palette of easy to wear, earthy colours were another strong element for summer- khakis, cream, dove grey & coral.

My favourite piece of the whole collection was a coral tiered, raffia skirt, which can to just above the knee, teamed with a long sleeved stripy rusty T-shirt. The mixture of casual with flirty feminine sold this outfit for me.

3. Paul Costelloe

Vogue UK writes: 'IT'S a new season and for Paul Costelloe - the designer who has landed the job of opening London Fashion Week - that calls for a new look. A Tinkerbell-turned-party girl look to be exact.'

Vogue as always hit the nail on the head. Flirty petal shaped skirts flew down the catwalk; Candy floss pink geometric dresses oozed the familiar scent of femininity; long billowing printed maxi dresses floated by. But Costelloe has an edge to him & this was shown in the teaming of this statement feminine pieces with rock biker jackets & waistcoats. There was attitude now with the message of mix things up a little. A swish of fuchsia lipstick & a messy, teased beehive & this look is complete.


My fashion muse Olivia Palermo after the Topshop Unique Show (jealous)

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