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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Like a little kid in a sweet shop.... LITERALLY!!

Heya all you lovely people in the blogging universe :)

Jeez don't you just hate it when you can't fall asleep? Well last night was one of those nights. I knew i had to get up early for work today & so my brain would just not stop thinking, i think i must have been awake for 2 hours :S & you know when you tell yourself, right I've gotta go to sleep know because if i don't ill only have X amount of hours sleep? well i kept telling my self that & it just did not work grrrr! sooooo I'm a lil sleep deprived atm, which normally means i get a lil hyperactive!!!

Anywayz ramble over...........

SO I was reading the paper y'day like a well educated girl that i am :) & saw that a eyeshadow kit that i REALLY wanted since xmas had been dropped from £30 to £15 which i thought was a BARGIN!! So i went to boots in my lunch break a brought it & I'm completely in love with it! (you guys who follow me on youtube know how I J'ADORE electric blue!) & i am TRES TRES EXCITED!!! Hmmmm so I'm now debating whether or not you guys would like me to go a tutorial or a review on it???? Comment or email me if you do.

Moving on......

Milan FW 2010 nothing has really jumped out at me yet! I quiet like the Prada collection, lots of 1940's shaped dresses, mixed with tweed textures. There also is either two different styles being captured. There's the tight, bodycon futuristic side that we saw last aw or again there's the vintage, romantic shapes and textures that we have seen this ss & last aw.

I must say from some of the pictures I have seen from the shows, there seems to be again either a lot of nude/pastel colours or bright cool colours. I did like in the Fendi collection the use of capes which reminds me even more that i wish i was a superhero & also how i should have brought one in the Zara sale when i saw one this year grrr!! However out of all the collections i have seen so far the same message comes across: PRACTICAL/CLASSIC PIECES.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "When in doubt, wear red." Bill Blass

Elle xoxoxo


Thursday, 25 February 2010

Let the good times roll!!

Heya lovely people :)

I have managed to get around to setting up this lovely blog which I'm very VERY excited about woop woop!!

Most of you guys who I hope have subscribed know me from my youtube channel: if not why don't you go along & check it out?! I'm very much into fashion (as is any girl of my age) & I hope to bring you a maybe different perspective of fashion.

Ummmm i think it is gonna be quiet easy for me to blog on this as i always feel i can get out what i want to say when i type, rather then when i speak :S kinda weird i know thehehe!! I will try & write on here everyday for you all but if I'm super busy I will do a HUGE blog on my return!

So I've just finished work not that long ago & it was a really REALLY long day buttt I enjoy what i do so the day goes really quickly :) btw if u guys don't know what i do i work in a very well known high street store. So i got in & ate a TONNE of pasta for my dinner.....seriously i am full!!! Have i ever dieted?? NO would i ever try one? Maybe. I'm just a firm believer in everything in moderation & i do eat pretty healthy anyways & carbs are my weakness :P So now I'm just doing a lil editing of my new vid that will be up on my channel in a few days time. Its going to be based aroundd my last video on Spring Summer Trend 2010, but this time it will be how i will be wearing them & I'll give you guys some tips etc.


Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the streets, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. Coco Chanel

So I will talk to you guys soon, check out my youtube channel & enjoy :)

Elle xoxoxo

PS I <3> the hair :D

Mulberry @ LFW AW 10
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