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Monday, 8 April 2013

March Favourites: Beauty, Fashion & Random Bits & Bobs......


Can you believe another month has flown by! 
Where are they going hey?! 
So of course this means one thing... I get to recap what I have been loving & enjoying using last month in March!



So as always, this month has been like no other months in terms of makeup. I still opt for a natural look to my overall complexion, which now includes my two new finds for this month- Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation & Makeup Academy Conceal & Brighten Palette. They look so natural on the skin & just melt into it to give a beautiful, healthy finish. I discovered the joys of eye primer & enjoyed using my neutral beige nail polish.




Having said that, I have started to 'break out' of my comfort zone a little in terms of lip colour. Now you all know that I favour a natural, rose coloured lip then something bright & bold. However having seen the new lip lacquers Rimmel released this month, I thought I would give them a go & really enjoyed using the colour 'Luna'. It's a lovely coral shade, that looks really nice even without a tan. It's not too bright & makes me feel quiet springy! 




Favourite piece of clothing for the month! I saw this shirt in H&M whilst in New York back in February & instantly fell in love with the abstract/artsy print on it. Not only is it the first sheer shirt that I can wear with a black bra, (you cannot even see an outline!) but it is so versital to wear- jeans or skirt it really doesn't matter!



The weather here in the UK has still been stupidly cold, snowy & bleak, therefore wearing a hat became essential. This little number from Topshop saved my ears & is the only hat in my possession, that I find does not ping off my head when I'm on the move! Sounds extremely silly, but it is very true!


This book is so inspirational when it comes to photography & style. Every single photograph is individual & the way Yvan captures every single mood, style & feel of the city & person who he is photographing is just beautiful. 


Loving my new tortoise shell glasses! Now they maybe men's glasses (so what they look better on my face! Problem?) but they look better on me, then on any mans! Love the thick frames & shape, as well as the overall feel of them on my face.



I am a game addict. Being a huge Sims fan, I had to get the new expansion pack (university) as soon as it was released at the beginning of the month, it was my favourite in The Sims 2 & it is my favourite for The Sims 3! My other game 'addiction' is on my iPhone & it was a free game courtesy of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' app. It is the cult classic Sonic & I could play it all day everyday if I could!



^^^^ WATCH HERE ^^^^

What have you been enjoying using last month? 
Have you found any cult products you can't believe you didn't know about till now?

Much Love,

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