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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Girl Crush: Clemence Poesy......

Clemence Poesy is stunning.

Ever since she had a small role in one of my favourite TV shows- Gossip Girl, I have been completely obsessed with her effortless beauty & taste. Her signature 'model off duty' look, mixed with her Parisian charm, has made her a huge hit with the fashion elite.
She always seems to bring something different to everything she does, a sense of poise & charm, although I do get the impression sometimes of a hint of fragility & mystery surrounding her.

It seems to be her month.

As I recently got my copy of Glamour for the month & found she had done an amazing, whimsical photo shoot to celebrate everything spring. & then I found she was starring in a BBC drama- 'Birdsong', where she portrays a french woman trapped in a loveless relationship, who has an affair with an English man (who later becomes a solider). This is totally my kind of drama set in 1910 France at the beginning of World War I, with the sophisticated style & relationships that happened during those years, it always seems to intrigue me.

She is a woman of many faces & talents.

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My two favorite girls together ^^

Who inspires you?

Much Love,

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Style: January Lookbook....

Heya lovelys

So for those of you who feel like you need a little bit of inspiration during this LONG, cold month LOOK NO FURTHER!!

My recent video on the 'tube is just a few everyday looks that I have been wearing a lot during this month. For me I always feel like just throwing on some jeans, over sized jumper and some boots, oh & not forgetting everything in dark,moody colours (aka black).
However, I really do try & make an effort to not do this & inject some colour into my outfit & for this month it came in the form of burgundy!

So for those of you that haven't seen it, sit back, relax & enjoy the show :)

What inspires your outfits for this month?
Much Love,

Friday, 6 January 2012

2012: Resolutions & Goals....

Photograph courtesy from the amazing people @


Hope you all had a lovely Christmas & New Year, can you believe how quickly it went!!?

So around this time of year we all start to think about what we achieved the previous year, whether we stuck to our previous revolutions and create new resolutions for ourselves for the new year. Now for many, this probably comes in the form of 'New Years Resolutions' for example 'I will join the gym'- however for me I always find it really hard to stick to a certain amount of 'resolutions' & decide to opt for something slightly easier.


I tend to set a mixture of small goals, for example: I will eat an apple everyday, to larger goals, example: I will become a millionaire (jokes!!). The trick for me is to set more of these smaller kind of goals, that I know I am more likely to achieve, than lots of large goals/unrealistic goals that I am less likely to achieve.

So guys & gals, here for you all to peruse is my list of goals for 2012!!
  1. To take 1 photo everyday
  2. Learn more about photography
  3. Buy a Diana F+ Camera
  4. To become more confident in my job, speak my mind & not worry about what others think
  5. Visit 4 National Trust places
  6. Do exercise 3 times a week
  7. Write on my blog at lest once a week & put up a Youtube video once a week
  8. Re-decorate my room
  9. Post a Room Tour video
  10. Sell my old/unwanted clothes
  11. Watch 3 plays at a theatre
  12. Apply for internships in theatre/magazines/photography related
  13. Do an internship this summer
  14. Take a yoga class
  15. Save £10,000
  16. Try 5 thing I have never done before
  17. Watch a sunset somewhere meaningful
  18. Go Camping
  19. Visit 5 cities/countries/places I have never visited before
  20. Read 60 Books
  21. Take a walk on The Downs
  22. Go to 4 Gigs
  23. Buy professional Photography Lighting
  24. Buy 1 high end make up product
  25. Re-connect with my friends
  26. Get 1 of my photos published
  27. Host a dinner party
  28. Bake a cake for someone
  29. Use my sewing machine to make something
  30. Send more letters in the post & gifts
  31. Visit Bee in Leicester
  32. Say YES to a lot more things
  33. Splash out on something fancy in New York
  34. Create a inspiration board for my wall
  35. Hand out CV's in New York
  36. Learn a language
  37. Buy a copy of Grease on DVD
  38. Apply for a mortgage
  39. Ombre my hair for summer
  40. Discover new bloggers & Youtuber's
  41. Buy a juicer
  42. Have a facial
  43. Attend an Olympic Party/event
  44. Find a designer piece in a vintage store
  45. Visit a vintage thrift market
  46. Buy a domaine name
  47. Plan my move to New York
  48. Start my own photography website
  49. Find something that makes me happy
  50. Laugh, Live, Love, Life

What are your New Years Resolutions/Goals for the up & coming year?

Much love,

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