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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Girl Crush: Clemence Poesy......

Clemence Poesy is stunning.

Ever since she had a small role in one of my favourite TV shows- Gossip Girl, I have been completely obsessed with her effortless beauty & taste. Her signature 'model off duty' look, mixed with her Parisian charm, has made her a huge hit with the fashion elite.
She always seems to bring something different to everything she does, a sense of poise & charm, although I do get the impression sometimes of a hint of fragility & mystery surrounding her.

It seems to be her month.

As I recently got my copy of Glamour for the month & found she had done an amazing, whimsical photo shoot to celebrate everything spring. & then I found she was starring in a BBC drama- 'Birdsong', where she portrays a french woman trapped in a loveless relationship, who has an affair with an English man (who later becomes a solider). This is totally my kind of drama set in 1910 France at the beginning of World War I, with the sophisticated style & relationships that happened during those years, it always seems to intrigue me.

She is a woman of many faces & talents.

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My two favorite girls together ^^

Who inspires you?

Much Love,


  1. She's stunning... Sounds like a very talented lady!

  2. I love this women! She inspires me a lot. she is so talented and beautiful! Beautiful Blog <3


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