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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch Up Week 005


1. This week I started my new job. Honestly I can't say I'm loving it or enjoying it, I could pick many faults with the way that I was trained this week & how in general I do not feel that what I need to do reflects what they expect me to do, but you gotta give it a try & we shall see what happens next week!

2. Headed into Horsham to have a tasty Wagamama's with Adam on Wednesday (food is always the way to both of our hearts!) & on the way back I had to make Adam pull over, so I could take some photo's of the gorgeous sunset. As you can see by the above picture, it was pretty spectacular & made me feel all summery- roll on warm summer evenings in the garden watching the sunset!

3. Speaking of summer, the weather this week has been SUNNY!!! Now if you live in a warm climate, your probably thinking who cares that's nothing new- but if you live in the UK then of course you will know we have been having the worst weather, so much so I was beginning to think that winter would never end! But sure enough, Spring is finally here! 

4. I gave in & brought 'The Fast Diet: 5:2 Diet' book. I didn't know how much people had raved about this diet until this week, but I brought this as an experiment. I have never dieted before & I don't see this as a diet to me, I see it more as a regime to force me to eat more healthier again. Over the last three months I really have been eating the worst I ever have (a lot of comfort eating!) & so I saw this in Sainsbury's & brought it to kick me back into my healthy ways! Plus I thought it would be easy as you  can eat normally for five out of seven days.

5. Purchased these Asos Boots & got them delivered to me the next day, I was so excited for them to arrive as they looked the most like my loved Zara boots, which are now extremely worst for wear. But was really really disappointed when they arrived. Had loads of glue marks all over them, a pencil written '7' right on the ankle & marked toes. For really leather boots at £55, I thought the quality was terrible & sent them straight back. Very sad Asos.

6. Friday marked my little brothers 18th Birthday, just saying that makes me feel so old! He wanted a chilled out day, so it was spent having a home cooked family meal at home with everyone & then we all headed off to the pub, so he could buy his first legal drink. Little bro was also extremely happy with the drumming equipment that I got him- who knew that a cowbell mount & a base drum skin could make someone very happy!   

7. Unfortunately there has been no new post or videos this week! Sorry guys, I promise there shall be more next week.

What has been your best bits of the week?

Much Love,

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