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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I Went to the Sales & I Brought.....

The Summer Sales are upon us people!! & like any female I was drawn like a mouth to a flame- as soon as I saw the "up to 50% off" sign in a shop window, I was there having a good ol' rummage!

This year I hadn't hit the sales until this week, purely because I work in the high street & the last thing you want to do after a long days work is go into another sale. I was a little disappointed with the quality of the clothes in most stores for their sales, either I had left it really late & all the good things had been taken or the quality of clothes were poor this season. However I did find some little gems in amongst the rubbish!

Top tips for when you're shopping in the sales?
Wear comfy clothes & shoes
Really look underneath the piles of clothes on tables & on the floor, you never know what gems lurk underneath!
Buy what you need & if you do buy something you later regret, most stores have a refunds policy on sales good
If you fall in love with something- BUY IT!!

Here are my special finds:

(Photo's Copyright To VintageELLE09)

From the top:
Envelope Flap Bag= was £69.99, I paid £39.99 (Zara)
Over Sized Clutch= £1.89 (eBay)
70's Rusty Red Dress= was £50, I paid £25 (Topshop)
Pink High-Waisted Chino's= was £29.99, I paid £19.99 (Zara)
Rusty Red Pleated Cropped Trousered= was £35, I paid £15 (Topshop)
Spotty Neutral Shirt= was £39.99, I paid £29.99 (Zara)
Floppy Leather Boots= was £69.99, I paid £39.99 (Zara)
Studded Black Heels= was £69.99, I paid £39.99 (Zara)

What have you guys splurged on in the summer sales? Any places that are a 'must' to visit?

Much Love,

Thursday, 23 June 2011


Wednesday 22nd June, was my little sisters birthday- she turned 19 & like we do on most birthdays, our family went out for dinner. This time instead of going to a pub in our area we decided to venture out into the 'unknown' & head into town to Bella Italia.

CAUTION: Please excuse the generic 'here is my food' photographs!

Bella Italia is good- the food is reasonably priced, the atmosphere is nice, however for me one of my pet HATES is when you go into a restaurant & the food is not fresh & authentic. It's nice food, don't get me wrong, but when I eat out I want to eat something that is made from scratch start to finish & is authentic from the country it is from.

I had the Chicken in a tomato sauce, roasted vegetables & baby potatoes (though I kinda wished I had a Calazone like my sister) & for desert- which is always my favourite part of the meal, I had a chocolate torte with mascarpone cream.

But nevertheless we had a lovely meal out, my sister got spoilt rotten (as always!) & she had a lovely day :)

Where do you go out for birthdays or what traditions does your family have? Have you got a birthday coming up?

Much Love,


Monday, 13 June 2011

Fruitier Than Dale Winton....


As a huge lover of all things Lush, I had to venture in on my way home from work to have a quick little browse & low & behold one thing led to another & I left with this little number in my hands.

Sweetie Pie.
100g= £2.85
240g= £5.70

It has always fascinated me the Jelly Shower Gels, purely because
1. They look like a lot of fun to use
2. The concept of a Shower Jelly just wobbling around & sliding everywhere makes me giggle!

So I was slightly intrigued. What drew me to this was not just the hilarious images of me attempting to use this product (because to be honest it would be), but it smells exactly like The Comforter Bubble Bar & like the magpie that I am, the glittery sprinkles drew me in!

On my first use of this today, my first impressions were that it smelt AMAZING!! Fruity & it completely reminded me of my all time favourite childhood sweet- Jelly Tots. So when I attempted to get it out of the pot it was slightly tricky, as when I scooped it made all of the stuff come up whole! However I then teared a small amount off & began foaming it in the palm of my hands. It foams really well, just be careful when rubbing it in your palms that it doesn't fly away! & it leaves you smelling like blackcurrant for the whole day ( I'm not over exaggerating!) If you wanted to try something a little different, why not chill it in you freezer to give you a instant wake up call in the morning.

Overall I am VERY happy with my impulse purchase & if like me you love The Comforter, then this is ideal :)

What is your favourite Lush product, or what new ones do you want to try?

Now excuse me whilst I run & watch the season finale of Glee

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Real Life Princess Vs Upper East Side Princess....

Photo's Courtesy of

I Love Kate Middleton's style.

& here is another classic example of her brilliant outfit choices. This was her first public engagement as a couple since her wedding day, & for the occasion wore a peach, crystal embellished Jenny Packham floor length gown- complete with her fabulous signature hair & new husband by her side.

However I had to take a double take when seeing these pictures as being a loyal Gossip Girl fan, I recognised the dress instantly as holding a uncanny likeness to the dress Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) wore to her engagement party, ironically to her prince, in the season 4 finale. Even though it is not exactly the same dress, it is however made by the same designer Jenny Packham.

Who wore it best?

Real Life Princes or Upper East Side Princess?

Much Love,
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