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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Healthy Eating: Pineapple & Lime Juice In A Jar.....


So over the last few weeks I have mentioned to you guys about how I need to start eating a little bit healthier again. 

It's not to loss weight, I just enjoy eating healthier because it makes you look & feel so much better. Now juicing is one of my favourite ways of making sure I eat my 'five a day' because not only can you visibly see what gos into your juice, but also because I find it so much fun to do! So with the weather being slightly warmer & the sun shining, I decided to dust off the old juicer & make some of my favourite juices. Now I substitute my juice as a snack for whenever I'm feeling hungry, this is generally around the four-five o'clock time when its in between lunch & dinner because that is when I tend to eat rubbish- I'm talking chocolate, crisps, pastries you name it!

So today I shall be sharing with you all one of my favourite fruit juice recipes, which is so quick & simple to make. 

                                      For the juice you will need:
                                       one Whole Pineapplehalf a Lime

Firstly you need to start by prepping all of your fruit, so I begin with the Pineapple & cut off its 'hair' which is the leaves/tree looking part of the Pineapple. Once you have done that I then cut off all of the skin surrounding the Pineapple, being really careful not to remove so much of the actual flesh as that is the part that holds most of the juice- don't worry if it doesn't all come off as it will be removed by the blades of the juicer. Once that is all done I go onto cutting it up into large chunks so it is easier to process in the juicer.

So everyone meet my juicer (Honestly it doesn't matter what make of juicer you have as long as it does the job!) & I can't imagine my life without it. The best birthday present ever! So all I do is just start adding the chunks, depending on how chunky you make them I normally start by adding three & add them gradually. 

Then get juicing! My favourite part is squashing the fruit down into the blades & watching the sweet juice being made! In between juicing I turn the juicer off to add the next load of fruit in, just so it doesn't burn the motor out & so it gives time for the juicer to catch up.

& after you have juiced all of the Pineapple, I lastly add the half of the Lime into the the mix (it doesn't matter if the skin is still left on it, as again the juicer cuts it up!) as I find that adding the Lime later makes the overall flavour stronger. Top Tip: Make sure that after you have finished juicing to tilt the juicer slightly forward, so that all of the juice runs out of the juicer & into the jug- you want all of the juices!!

& that is what the finished product looks like! Give it a little stir with a table spoon to get the Lime juice & Pineapple juice to make friends & merge together- there is nothing worse then separated juice! Again I love how frothy the juice looks & it smells amazing!
Storage wise, I like to keep them in medium sized jars like this or smaller potion sized jam jars, so that you don't need to pour a potion out & instead just grab a jar & go! Also I think it looks really cute & more appealing then putting it into a plastic bottle. Top Tip: make sure to drink it either on the day you make it or the day after. This is because the longer you leave it, the less vitamins & good stuff is left in the juice & you want to get all of the added benefits!

So that's one of my favourite fruit juice recipes! If you enjoyed this post & want to see more recipes then just let me know below & I will definitely share some more. & if you were thinking about getting a juicer but were a little hesitant, then my advice is I am so pleased that I got mine & I think that it is such a fun & brilliant machine to use that I would recommend juicing to anyone! If you think you won't use it, it's a fad or won't get any enjoyment out of it, then don't buy one.

Have you got any delicious recipes we can try?

Much Love,

Monday, 29 April 2013

Vintage Finds: International Antiques & Collectors Fair.....

Last Wednesday me & Adam headed out for lunch at our favourite pub on our day off together & stumbled across the IACF Fair. Now, this fair in particular I was very much aware of its existence, but I didn't realise when it was coming into town again (it arrives in Sussex every other month) & so I was really excited when we spotted it!

Of course I had to come a way with a few bargains. Honestly we could have brought so many more pieces then we actually did, this is due to the fact that we have to keep on reminding ourselves that we haven't got a place yet & have run out of places to store things. There was a lot of fabulous furniture, cushions & bits & bobs, all for really good prices- I have already said to Adam we need to come better prepared next time, chequebook & cash at the ready!! I picked up this little lot for a mere £10, which I think is not bad for what I purchased.









© VintageELLE09

Have you recently discovered the joys of antique fairs or thrifting?

Much Love,

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch Up Week 006


1. Been a slightly 'blah' week this week to be honest. Me & Adam have been looking again at properties on rightmove & estate agents websites & we are slowing coming to the relisation that maybe we can't afford exactaully what we want. Ideally we want to buy a house which is not a new build & something we can grow into & live there for a while. However, with house prices being so expensive in our area we are beginning to realise that maybe we would have to settle for a flat. Why is being a first time buyer so difficult!?

2. Have discovered the joys of these flapjacks from Holland & Barrett. Adam loves the plain ones, but my favourites are the ones with chocolate on top!

3. Made in Chelsea on Monday was brilliant as always. So glad Spencer & Louise broke up, although of course Spencer was being a huge douche but thats just him! Congrats Louise for getting rid of one of the worst kinds of men! 

4. Wednesday was a fun filled day off with Adam, we went out for lunch at one of our favourite pubs- The Gardener's Arms & I thoroughly enjoyed my newest food love, a falafel & haloumi burger with peppers, lettuce, humus & guacamole with a side of chips with chili sauce (the photo does not do it justice!). Arrghh it was just so tasty & filling, (I should have ordered it without the bun!) so naturally we needed to go & walk it off which we did at an antiques & collectors market, which was being held conveniently right opposite the pub. Now you all know that I love anything vintage & of course I was in my element Adam had to restrain me from buying a lot of things! I only exited with a few items, of course we would have brought so much more if only we had our own place. But we shall be going back in June to have another fun filled day & if you live in the Sussex area & love anything shabby chic & vintage then this is a must for you!

5. Been contimplating buying this from Etsy. & I was gutted this week when the boyfriend jeans I was about to order from Zara sold out & disappeared from the website *cries*

6. With this sun still shining I have discided to dust off my juicer & start juicing again! As I mentioned last week, I have been eating really badly over the last few months & so to get back into the swing of all things healthy, juicing is my favourite option! 

7. New job is so far just blah!! Working just sixteen hours a week with very little pay is so far proving to be slightly pointless- I don't feel like I contribute enough working four hours per day & it's hard to stay positive, but I'm still looking for full time work ideally not in retail *sigh* 

How has your week been? 

Much Love,

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch Up Week 005


1. This week I started my new job. Honestly I can't say I'm loving it or enjoying it, I could pick many faults with the way that I was trained this week & how in general I do not feel that what I need to do reflects what they expect me to do, but you gotta give it a try & we shall see what happens next week!

2. Headed into Horsham to have a tasty Wagamama's with Adam on Wednesday (food is always the way to both of our hearts!) & on the way back I had to make Adam pull over, so I could take some photo's of the gorgeous sunset. As you can see by the above picture, it was pretty spectacular & made me feel all summery- roll on warm summer evenings in the garden watching the sunset!

3. Speaking of summer, the weather this week has been SUNNY!!! Now if you live in a warm climate, your probably thinking who cares that's nothing new- but if you live in the UK then of course you will know we have been having the worst weather, so much so I was beginning to think that winter would never end! But sure enough, Spring is finally here! 

4. I gave in & brought 'The Fast Diet: 5:2 Diet' book. I didn't know how much people had raved about this diet until this week, but I brought this as an experiment. I have never dieted before & I don't see this as a diet to me, I see it more as a regime to force me to eat more healthier again. Over the last three months I really have been eating the worst I ever have (a lot of comfort eating!) & so I saw this in Sainsbury's & brought it to kick me back into my healthy ways! Plus I thought it would be easy as you  can eat normally for five out of seven days.

5. Purchased these Asos Boots & got them delivered to me the next day, I was so excited for them to arrive as they looked the most like my loved Zara boots, which are now extremely worst for wear. But was really really disappointed when they arrived. Had loads of glue marks all over them, a pencil written '7' right on the ankle & marked toes. For really leather boots at £55, I thought the quality was terrible & sent them straight back. Very sad Asos.

6. Friday marked my little brothers 18th Birthday, just saying that makes me feel so old! He wanted a chilled out day, so it was spent having a home cooked family meal at home with everyone & then we all headed off to the pub, so he could buy his first legal drink. Little bro was also extremely happy with the drumming equipment that I got him- who knew that a cowbell mount & a base drum skin could make someone very happy!   

7. Unfortunately there has been no new post or videos this week! Sorry guys, I promise there shall be more next week.

What has been your best bits of the week?

Much Love,

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch-Up Week 004


1. This week I decided to give my room a little Spring clean! I was fed up of the mess & clutter that was constantly visible around my vanity & wardrobe, which was beginning to make me feel sad. & so after much inspiration from Pinterest, I went for it & de-cluttered & re-organised my vanity (which might I say, looks gorgeous!)& then packed away most of my winter wardrobe & brought out all of my spring/summer pieces! I feel a lot more happier as to how it all looks, as it is a lot easier to find half of the things I'm looking for & also I enjoy just having a little glance & smile at these areas, to have a look at how lovely they look!

2. Whist we are still on the topic of Spring, I have been trying to channel Spring this week by refusing to wear anything that is dark/black/grey/boring & instead wear lighter colours & fabrics. Yes, for most of the week it was difficult considering how dull & rainy the weather still is, but it did make me feel happy!

3. Made in Chelsea started again on Monday & as always I loved it! Who else was shouting at their screens for Louise being crazy for still being with Spencer & who felt like giving Francis a hug after we found out Sophia wasn't returning? 

4. Rediscovered the joys of Wotsits!

5. Visit Ikea!! Spent a girly day there with my mummy & sister, grabbed a spot of lunch (horse balls anyone!?) & walked around the store for over two hours! I love Ikea because its so cheap & has a lot of modern, minimal pieces. Normally I end up spending a lot of money there, as its so cheap you just go slightly crazy. However this time, I was very proud of myself & spent a tiny £4.86! 

6. I have been addicted to the game Candy Crush. Most of you probably have heard of it or have it, but if you haven't DON'T GET IT!!! It's far to addictive for your own good & unfortunately I also got Adam into it (sorry!) It's probably one of the only free apps that I actually use on my iPad, which says a lot!

7. Today (Sunday) has been spent enjoying the small taste of Spring as it has been lovely, sunny & warmer- are they getting our hopes up that Spring is finally here!? & preparing for my first day in my new job for tomorrow! I'm not really nervous, as I have been doing the same role before & know how fashion retail works, however it is for a new company & in a new location so fingers crossed I will be ok & I'll let you know how I'm getting on next week!

8. Highlights on the blog include| March Favourties, Guest Post on Adding a Touch of Vintage to Your Home, A Spring feeling Outfit of The Day & My Vanity & Makeup Collection Tour. Also on Youtube| My Makeup Collection & Vanity Tour.

How has your week been? Have you been having the urge to Spring clean?

Much Love,

My Vanity & Makeup Collection Tour.....

I have been having a mega organisation spree this week- partly because I know it's Spring (Spring cleaning anyone!?) but also because it has been so dreary & raining most days that I didn't feel like going out & instead I decided to tackle organising my room. 

My vanity for a long time had become very cluttered & un-organised, partly due to the fact that I would just throw my makeup into my draw & rummage through it over & over again to find something, but also because I kept most everyday products out on the top of my table, so I could just grab it & use it quickly! Now I HATE having things look cluttered & messy & I strongly believe that it is bad karma, so of course being the Pinterest fanatic that I am, I began browsing through other peoples amazing beauty areas & thought I would take some inspiration & have a little clear out!
L-R- Gold Mirror- Carboot, Black Toast Vase- Emma Bridgewater, Glass Jewellery Box- Sainsburys, Silver & Black Photo frames- Garden Centre & Cream Candle- Primark   
L-R: Glass jar with heart on front- Pepperbox Trading, Tall Glass Urn- Next & Crystal Cut Perfume Bottle- Carboot 
                                 Oval Mirror- Antique/Vintage Shop
L-R: Wicker Bag- Primark, Blue Polka Dot Makeup Bag- Cath Kidston & Suitcases- Antique/Vintage Shop
I love to buy things from thrift/second hand/vintage shops. Partly because I love a project that I can renovate to how I want it to look like, plus it has character & style that modern pieces lack. But also because I love the idea of the story behind many older pieces. I know that it might not be every body's cup of tea, but sometimes you have to look beyond something to see the true potential of it & honestly the quality of the furniture will last you for a lot longer, then say an MDF ikea table, that will chip & bow after a year. It does take time to find something that you love, but it is really worth it when you do & the good thing about buying second hand is that they sell it for a really inexpensive price.
                    Shabby Chic Dressing Table- Antique/Vintage Shop 
                                Black Toast Vases- Emma Bridgewater
© VintageELLE09

If you are a beauty/makeup kind of person, or just somebody who likes to get inspiration from seeing how other people organise their things, then please watch the video below & you will see just how I organised all of my makeup & products, as well as giving you all a little makeup collection tour. Oh & of course there is some little tips from me about how to utilise the storage you have & different storage ideas!

^^^ Watch it HERE ^^^

What is your vanity 'set up'? Have you been having a major spring clean?

Much Love,

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Gypsy Denim.....

           Dress- Charity Shop, Denim Shirt- Zara, Tights- Primark
                                         Shoes- Urban Outfitters
Face: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation (120 Vanilla), Makeup Academy Concealer (Apricot colour in palette), Mac Studio Concealer (NW15), Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (Translucent), Maybelline 'The Rocket' Mascara, Collection 2000 Felt Tip Eyeliner (Black) & Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer (Luna)
© VintageELLE09


Today I really really wanted to wear something that wasn't black, wasn't winter looking & had a touch of spring to it. So I pulled out my loose white gypsy-esq dress & paired it with my light-washed denim shirt for a light, but layered look. As you can see, the camera had a field day reflecting off of all the light my outfit was giving! Also kept the look simple with tights (can't bare my white ghostly legs yet!) & loafer flats from Urban. & then makeup, again kept it simple with a thin line of black eyeliner & a coral lips with my favourite lip product of the moment- Rimmel Apocalips in Luna (love it to death!) Hair is natural, just slept with it up in a top knot & took it down this morning (second day hair by the way) & loved how tousled it looked.

So far, today has been spent organising/spring cleaning my room & taking breaks in between to play my new 'addiction' Candy Crush! Finger of blame points to Estee, who I saw mentioned this game in her monthly favourites & now I can't stop playing it!

Have you been basking in the spring sunshine yet?

Much Love,

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Guest Post: Adding Vintage Touches To Your Home.....

Hello everyone!

So today I have another guest post for you all from the lovely people at Arcadian Home Blog, about how to add a touch of vintage to your homes through furniture to small touches. 

I hope you all enjoy & a huge thank you to Joanna & Anna from Arcadian Home Blog for taking an interest in my blog & for the time & effort they put into making this post happen.

Much Love,

Hi, everyone. It's Joanna Crain here from Arcadian Home blog, a great place to find lots of interior design inspiration for using colorful accessories from decorative trays to glass candlesticks and light fixtures in all sorts of styles. I’m so happy to be guest posting here at VintageELLE09. What an intriguing blog name!

To inspire your decorating projects, I’ve pulled together images of some of my favorite vintage and vintage-looking rooms. From rustic to refined, they will tug at your vintage heartstrings. Enjoy!

Vintage Style

Vintage Butterfly chairs are perfect outside this San Francisco home after a total redo and addition gave the property a new lease on life. The Butterfly chair was designed in 1938 by Argentinean architect Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy.

Vintage Style

This fireplace vignette is captivating—a lovely vintage look made fresh with golden yellow paint. The lucky folks at Regas New York get to enjoy this colorful creation everyday as they work on unique stationery and invitations.

Vintage Style

Vintage rooms can take on a lovely Bohemian vibe with the addition of beautiful rescued textiles. I love this array of well-loved toss pillows

Vintage Style

At once rustic and chic, this bedroom is an inviting vintage retreat. Modern pendant lights hang on either side of the clever wood headboard turned canopy that runs up the wall and onto the ceiling over the bed.

Vintage Style

A charming bath with contemporary soaking tub gets its eclectic vintage look from the beautiful blue and white tiled floor, classic writing desk used as a vanity and a little green acrylic stool.

Vintage Style

A quintessential vintage kitchen is updated with modern appliances but retains its original quirky charm with fold down table and unevenly seemed wood floor.

Vintage Style

Ikea's Stockholm Collection 2013 offers a lovely vintage look in new furniture pieces. With the addition of a round framed mirror, cool yellow chair and Sputnik-like glass pendant light, it's a great look for those without the means or inclination to personally take on the hunt for vintage treasures.

Vintage Style

Eclectic vintage is just one of the many decorating styles seen down through the years. Design Shuffle created this infographic as an overview of the history of interior design. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these vintage style inspirations? Leave us your comments below and stop by our website for more home decor, lighting and interior inspirations!
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