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Monday, 11 June 2012

To Ombre Or Not To Ombre.....

The Ombre trend has been going round for a good couple of years now.

From nails to shorts to hair, everyone is loving the ombre

& ever since last summer I have been extremely curious to try it out, because I think it is the perfect, summer look- however being a novice to any kind of hair colouring I am very scared of completely ruining my hair! 
Yes, there was a one experience when I was 13 using some red, wash in wash out hair dye that never actually showed up in my hair, but apart from that my hair is, as many people like to put it 'virgin hair'. 

Now its not like I want to go full on ombre & go blond on the bottom because I am not that daring/brave,(lol) but also because I want the colour to compliment the natural tones that I have in my hair already- that being a reddish tinge. 

So I have decided that perhaps a coppery/red colour is the way forward!
I am scared of ruining my hair & ending up looking like a badger, which lets face it, is NOT a good look!

I want to save money & do it myself at home, but being a 'novice' I have a feeling that it will end up going badly wrong & I really don't want to pay a lot of money to get it done professional (many of my friends say its mega easy to do at home.)

But is it really that easy & simple that even I, with no previous dying experience can do?

If Lauren Conrad can rock rainbow hair, can I get away with subtle copper ombre?

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So the question is....

To ombre or not to ombre?

Much Love,

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