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Thursday, 5 December 2013

How To Keep Hydrated During Winter......


December marks the start of winter & for me that means a shake up to the products I use on my skin- as the weather becomes colder & the central heating gets warmer, your skin starts to feel the change! So here are my go to products that make such a difference to the way my skin looks & feels during winter, locking in all that moisture & making me happy! 

The Body Shop Body Butter in Strawberry: Of course you need to keep your body feeling soft & healthy & a good body butter is essential- enter my favourite body butters by The Body Shop. I have confessed my love for their body butters for quiet a while now- super buttery & nourishing for your skin as well as the scents being so yummy smelling & linger for hours, these are the reasons why I keep repurchasing them. Currently I am indulging in the Strawberry scent, which makes me feel like a Strawberry Ice Cream & very reminiscent of summer.

Figs & Rouge Pepper Mint & Green Tea Lip Balm: One of the worst things about Winter is dry, chapped lips. Enter a good lip balm & luckily I have two! This one by Figs & Rouge is my 'during the day top up', always in my bag or coat pocket for those on the go applications & what I love about this particular lip balm is the fact that its texture is thinner then Vaselin, almost like oil that just glides on nicely & seals in all the moisture.

L'Occitane Hand Cream in Coco Butter: Hands must not be neglected during the festive season as you don't want them looking like a desert. In Hand Creams I always look for ones that are not sticky or too oily, sink into the skin really quickly & make my hands feel softer- L'Occitane definitely delivers. I love the scent of this particular hand cream & when messaged into the cuticles makes my nails look a great deal healthier then before. 

Freeman's Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Face Mask: To lock in all the moisture that central heating & the chilly air takes away from your skin during December, a weekly face mask is a necessity. I picked this one up in New York this year & find that it calms my acne prone skin, whilst adding a lot of the moisture my skin has lost back into it. 

Nuxe Bio Tinted Lip Balm in Peach: If you need a lip product that not only keeps them moisturised whilst adding a dash of colour to them, then look no further then this little lady from Nuxe. Smells lovely & peachy whilst adding a peachy tint to your lips, this is my favourite tinted lip balm as it keeps your lips feeling soft for a really long time & with the bonus of the peach taste! 

Origin's Highly Potent Night Cream: Oh my god. This is holy grail material! If your skin is dehydrated or you have bad acne scaring then this stuff will work wonders on your skin. I apply this every night to my neck & face (you don't need a lot as a little goes a long way) & in the morning my skin looks so much healthier it's ridiculous!

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm: Enter my morning & evening lip balm that prepares my lips for the day, as I have said before this is my favourite lip balm by a mile as it keeps them moisturised as well as giving them a little exfoliate with the built in exfoliating bits in it. 

Origins Drink Me Up Hydrating Face Mask: Now a good hydrating, leave on face mask is essential during these cool months because your skin does most of the repairs & rebuilding as you sleep, so therefore if you can lock in all the moisture in your skin whilst you sleep you will have plumper looking, healthier skin in the morning. I really find this Origin's mask leaves my skin feeling softer & plumper after using it overnight, as well as reducing the size of my pesky pores. 

Caudalie Eau de Rasins Facial Spray: There is nothing I like more then spraying this over my clean face right before I apply my Hydraluron & moisturiser- it feels like my skin is drinking it up!! The use of a facial spray like this one helps again add moisture back into the skin, as well as giving it a little refresh before bed. 

V05 Miricle Concentrate: Now let's not forget your hair! With hair driers & styling tools being used more in the winter months, your hair tends to take a battering & you may not realise it but your hair may appear drier with split ends becoming more frequent. This is where I look to my little V05 friend to give me glossy tresses- I always apply it to towel dried hair working it into the ends & then leave my hair to dry a little for a couple of hours before blow drying. Makes my hair feel super soft & healthy.

Origin's GinZing Eye Cream: After a lot of partying & late nights your under eyes may need a little tlc, so a good eye cream is essential. This baby makes my eyes look & feel more awake whilst adding moisture back into the eye area.

Hydraluron: I didn't think my skin was the dehydrated kind- it didn't look it & certainly didn't feel it, but ever since introducing this into my skincare routine last month I can see a difference in the way my skin looks. I think any product that makes your moisturiser absorb into the skin quicker & locks in more moisture is a winner during the cold months. Your skin will love you for it!

What are your good to items for the cooler months?

Much Love,

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Video: Christmas Primark Haul......

I went into Primark for socks & ended up with a lot more!!

I realised whilst filming this video that I actually haven't filmed a haul, or even brought anything from Primark since January!!! Am I feeling ok!!?

So as we are now into the festive season, (which is my favourite time of the year!) I always end up getting way more items from Primark then any other season. I love all of their Christmas Pyjamas range, Men's fairisle Jumpers, Bobble Hats & Bedding range. This haul is a collection of two trips & I am also planning on making another trip to my local Primark tomorrow after work, to pick up some more lounge pants so who knows another haul may be on the cards!!?

*WARNING: When it comes to Christmasy items I do get very, very excited, therefore be warned because in places I do start acting like a four year old!* 

Grab a cup of tea & snuggle up in a blanket to enjoy this little festive treat!

Much Love,

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch-Up Week 014.......

1. My day off on Monday proved very productive- cleaned, filmed & edited a couple of videos & trying to organise general bits & bobs. 

2. I had another disastrous day at work & had a little cry on my lunch break on the phone to Adam. It basically involved me finding out my Christmas rota which included twelve over nights in a month & the rest of my shifts starting at seven am. Would I see Adam or my family over the Christmas period? With this rota not a great deal (sad face) but watch this space.

3. This whole week I have been contemplating whether or not it is too early to put up the Christmas Decorations... needless to say logic took over & they are still in the loft calling out to me.

4. Have been lusting over far too many things from Topshop! Must resist till after Christmas.

5. This week I discovered something amazing..... M&S Turkey & Cranberry Pastry Roll!! Writing that just makes me salivate (lol) it is just ten times better then a sausage roll & tastes like Christmas. I think it is acceptable to have one a day until the twenty fifth!

6. Thursday was ice skating day aka my way of ice skating involving me pulling myself along the edge of the ice rink!! Oh how my work colleagues laughed. I love how at Brighton Pavilion the ice rink pops up every November ready for the festive period- it looks so pretty with the lights projected onto it & of course after putting myself through all that, I had to round off the evening with a Mulled Cider (oh how festive!).

7. Catfish on Viva has been my guilty pleasure all of this week. It is such an eye opening program with some really shocking twists, (example a guy meet a women on a dating site who said she was trans gender & when they met it person she actually wasn't trans gender!) but such a good watch!!

8. Saturday was absolute madness at work & like a customer kindly reminded me, it's only three more weekends to go until Christmas- ergo everyone in the Sussex area was in Brighton!! Thankfully I finished work at four & made my way home to flake on the sofa with a big cup of green tea & a muffin, whilst watching a really bad Christmas film called 'Meet the Clauses' & trying to write a Christmas Wish List. As I was too lazy to cook, a Domino's order was placed & I pretty much spent the rest of Saturday night on the sofa- bliss.

Can you believe we are already in December!? Three & a bit weeks to go!!

Much Love,
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