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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Being Elle: We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came.

Hello there lovely readers :)

Now as most of you may know, I love to travel & if I have a spare opportunity whether it be for a few days or a few weeks, I have to go somewhere different & 'get lost'. 
Last week I booked a full week off work to enjoy some quality time with Adam (boyfriend) but also to see & spend time with family. Now I don't think many of you know this but we have family in Guernsey, who we had not seen in nearly two years!

 Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands off the coast of mainland France, but it is part of the British Isles. I absolutely love everything about the island- the people are genuinely friendly, the scenery is beautiful, the food is fresh & tasty & I love the way of life out there.

Ever since me & Adam started dating nearly 6 years ago (gulp!) we would 'holiday' in Guernsey every single year, visiting his family & enjoying the weather & beaches & everything the island offers- history & all. However the last couple of years we felt like we had seen everything & been everywhere & seen everything we wanted to see, so decided to visit new places.

This is why we decided to visit only for three days to see everybody, as the weather this time of year is windy & cold so not exactly beach weather! Having said that, we both had such a great time that we wanted to stay for longer & will probably be visiting again in the new year. Our time there was the best weather of the week: blue sky but very windy & cold! We spent most of our time driving around the coastline of the island with the windows down, but also we visited the town, started Christmas shopping, ate some amazing food, spent time with the family, walked along the beaches & generally chilled out!

Salmon Fish Cake Starter. Steak & Chips with Garlic Butter Main. Ice Cream Dessert 
@ Dix- Neuf
LOVE this restaurant, amazing & good quality food with live music every Wednesday evening.

Outfit of the Beach:

Safari Jacket with Leather Sleeves- Zara. Black Textured Long-sleeved T-shirt- Zara
Floral High-waisted Skirt- Vintage. Black Biker Boots- Zara. Michel Kors Watch.


Do any of you have family in a different country that you like to visit?

Much Love,


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bedside Beauty......

Like many other woman out there, what you use/apply to your skin before you go to sleep is probably the most important ritual ever.

Not only because when your sleeping, your skin is working overtime to repair & build new skin cells, but also I believe that it is the only time during the day when your body is the most absorbent & free to be able to repair & look after it's self. & therefore what you use & apply to your skin & body before you go to sleep is a vital part to maintaining a healthy body & skin.

Now I have seen many a video on Youtube about 'What's in my makeup bag' or 'What are my top 10 products I could not live without' & whilst I love these kinds of videos, I have never really seen a....

'What I keep on my bedside table' video.

So therefore I decided to create a blogpost about what I use as my evening ritual with the hope that you may find some interesting products you want to try, but also because, let's be honest- we all are very nosey & love to see what other people do/use!

Yankee Candle: Mango & Peach Salsa- For me there is nothing more relaxing after a long day at work, than to burn a candle. I always have a candle on my bedside table because of this, it just chills me out after a long day at work. This is one of two that I am currently alternating between (the other one is Red Velvet, which smells like heaven!) which I tend to do a lot as I normally have many favourites! It smells so fresh & fruity- the perfect scent for summer as it is lovely & fruity, which is why I'm burning it at the moment to remind me of the summer we never had.... sigh!

Bodyshop Vitamin E Face Mist- Having dedicated a WHOLE post to this particular beauty, it is only necessary to have at arms reach all time on my table. It is perfect for either a little wake up call in the morning (it's not like it literally drenches you in the stuff!) or for a refresh before you go to sleep. What I absolutely love to do before I get out of bed in the morning is spray a couple of sprays all over my face (don't hold it too close mind!) & let it settle for a couple of seconds before I gently, & I honestly mean gently start patting my face with my hands. Now I know what some of you are thinking, is she some kind of psycho who likes to beat herself up?! Ugh no. But it does bring some lovely colour to your face & wakes me up in the morning!

Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve- Of course I like to keep my skin nicely moisturised before I hit the hay & who cannot forget their lips too!? Being a huge lover of anything smelling of roses this ticks all the right boxes- Warning: if you don't like roses this is not for you, as the smell is very strong & you can taste it in your mouth if you apply a generous amount!

Pacifica Island Vanilla Body Butter- As I previously said, before I go to bed I like to keep my skin nice & moisturised so that it can absorb as much goodness as possible whilst I sleep. This body butter I use on my hands & elbows (although I have just run out that's why there are two lotions on my table!) & I like how it smells, although at times the smell does change slightly. It's not overally vainllary, but has a slightly weird smell to it at times that I can't quiet put my finger on! Having said that its very moisturising and does my hands & elbows wonders!

Clinique Moisturising Gel- This is my night time moisturiser & has been for well over a year now. My skin is fairly greasy especially around my T Zone, so for years I have struggled to find the right moisturiser that doesn't break me out or makes my skin look particularly shiny. It's not greasy or heavy however, it sinks into my skin beautifully & for how much it has changed the way my skin looks & feels, I would happily spend this amount money on it.  

Bodyshop Elderflower Eye Gel- Again, I dedicated a whole post to this product as I absolutely LOVE it!!! I use this product morning & evening, gently applying it with my ring finger to my under eye areas in a patting/sweeping method. It doesn't irritate my eye area like so many other eye products do, it feels so soothing & cool to tired eyes & plus it has genuinely made my eyes feel less heavy & puffy!

Superdrug "The Little Green Tin"- Yes, I am a lip product junkie, therefore of course I have another lip moisturiser on my table! Vasaline is just a beauty classic & must have to any woman's makeup ritual, it can moisturise your skin as well as remove any eye makeup & therefore a must to my evening routine. Again I alternate between using this & my lip salve, but in general a classic & must have!

L'Occitane Hand Cream in Vanilla- Aaarrghh, I love this, I love this, I LOVE THIS!! It's incredibly moisturising, smells yummy & leaves my hands feeling so soft. Cannot say anymore about this as its just brilliant!


To the other side of my bed I have stacked four vintage suitcases that act as a second bedside table, this normally homes my glass of water for the evening (you gotta keep hydrated you know!) & either the new book/magazine I'm reading.

What are your 'must haves' for your nightstand/bedside table?

Much Love,

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What I ♥ About Fall......

So I saw this tag floating around Youtube & I thought it would make a really fun blogpost!

For me Autumn/Fall is one of my favourite times of the year, more so than summer (can I really say that??!! argh yes!) just because I love how warm & cosy it makes me feel. 
Over sized knitted jumpers, thick socks, chilly clear nights, change in leaves, comfort food... the list goes on!

So here is what I ♥ the most about this time of the year....

1. My Favourite Lip Product:
Well I am not a huge lover of dark or bright coloured lipsticks/gloss & my lip products tend to stay the same all year round (I am such an exciting person, not.) But these three have been my go to lip products so far this fall. 

I always like to keep my lips well moistened (steady on love!) during this time of the year as they get very dry, so this lip balm I find works a treat! Smells like roses if you like that kind of thing & keeps my lips nice & moisturised throughout the day even underneath lipstick! 

my other two fav lip products are these cheeky little Revlon numbers! I have been enjoying a lot of Revlon products as of late, especially the Colourburst Lip Butters & Just Bitten Lip Balm/Stain: both highly moisturising & both very buildable, which for me is great as I don't like too much colour on the old lips!

               Country Bumpkin, Treasure, Jermyn Street, Victoria & Spanish Moss.

2. My Favourite Nail Polish:
Love, Love, LOVE these colours. Browns, golds, deep reds, greens & purples are my go to colours for the fall & ever single one of these is such a dream to apply & last for a good few days without chipping- bonus!

3. My Favourite Starbucks Fall Drink:
Well here in good ol' Britain we don't really have as many festive choices in Starbucks when it comes to this time of the year, or actually at any time of the year for that matter! Which makes me sad, however having said that they have just brought in the Spiced Pumpkin Latte & Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate!! YAY!!

But defiantly my amazing Chi Tea Latte with Soy Milk is my go to fall/winter drink. It just tastes like this time of the year: spicy & warm it's just heaven in a cup! oh & I also like to make mine extra hot so that it lasts a while :)

4. My Favourite Fall Candle:
Of course it had to be the Yankee Candle Sparkling Cinnamon! Cinnamon is just such a fall smell for me, as it makes me feel like we are just a small step away from Christmas!! I burn it every night & it makes me feel warm inside.

Side note: I wish I could grab some of the Bath & Bodyworks candles for this time of the year as guaranteed I would love them, sadly I can't get over to the US for this time of the year boo!!

5. Favourite Fall Scarf or Accessory:
Burgundy & deep reds are my favourite colour for this season as it is such a rich, autumn colour, so in summer when I saw this bag it screamed out to me to enter my life! I had been wanting this Zara bag for a long time but could never decide what colour I should get it in, so when they realised this colour I knew it was fate & my parents surprisingly brought it for my birthday! I love how it fits everything in & also how structured it is.

6. Haunted House, Haunted Hayride or Haunted Corn Maze?:
This time of the year always makes me sad that I don't like in America! Americans go all out during fall & Halloween which sadly does not happen here in England (boo!), so this question is difficult because I have never experienced a haunted hayride or a haunted corn maze! However both for me would be the most fun experience ever!

7. My Favourite Halloween Movie:
I am a huge fan of scary movies, so picking a favourite is very hard so I picked three!!

Without a doubt Hocus Pocus is my all time favourite Halloween film, it brings back such good childhood memories & it's amazing. But also The Nightmare Before Christmas & later on in my teen years The Saw Movies were just the best horror/thriller movies of all time.

8. My Favourite Candy To Eat At Halloween:
Again sadly here in England we don't really have or I have never really seen any candy, no candy corns nothing! It's only I think over the last few years I have actually seen some but nothing on the scale of things I have seen in America. I remember as a kid very vividly going to a Halloween party as a cat & eating these lollipops that made my tongue turn green! But last year I did see Cadbury's had brought out eggs called 'Scream Eggs' which are nice!

9. What am I Dressing Up as For Halloween:
Well every year I never really go all out & be like 'I'm going to dress up as...' because as I say here in England its not celebrated as much as I would like it to be. Ideally I would like to dress up as a Zombie Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, but in general I shall probably just be wearing my red wig again with some kind of dramatic makeup!

10. What Is My Favourite Thing About Fall:
Over sized cable knit jumpers, fuzzy socks, layers, pies, soups, fires, changing in colours of the leaves, cider, apple pie & cream, hot water bottles, burgundy, boots, cold clear evenings, the smell of fall, kicking leaves, cold walks, hugs, reading with a thick blanket, warm bubble baths.

I tag all of you gorgeous lot 
leave me a link to your blog with what you love about fall!

Much Love,


Monday, 8 October 2012

Girl Crush: Mila Kunis

Images found via

In homage to Mila being named by Esquire 'The Sexist Woman Alive'.

She is stunning
to quote what one of my male friends said on facebook recently:

"i mean.. who wouldn't want to have a beer with her? And now most people have stopped reading i can say that i would F the S out of her." 

Much Love,
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