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Friday, 28 February 2014

Nails Of The Week: Blush & Glitter Are The Perfect Combo.....

L-R: Rimmel Pro French Manicure Basecoat in 'French Rose', Essie Glitter Polish in 'A Cut Above', Catrice Ultimate Nudes Polish in 'Karl Says Tres Chic' & Nails inc Kensington Caviar Topcoat.

The sun is out & the air is a hint warmer, I jumped to my feet, pulled out all my Spring appropriate nail polishes & contemplated which pastel polish I wanted to use first- Lavender, Blush, Mint Green, Powder Blue? 


Needless to say I went with my favourite colour of the moment, Blush Pink. This fav of mine by Catrice has me jumping for joy every time I use it- I love how thick the brush is making application a dream, the consistency is thick & glossy making it very long lasting, especially when paired with my favourite base coat by Rimmel & the colour is just beautiful! After applying two coats of this, my attention then turned to my ring finger & we all know that adding a bit of something-something to ones ring finger makes a bit of a statement! Here's where Essie's blinging 'a cut above' steps in- applied over the top of 'Karl Says Tres Chic' gives a dazzling multi dimensional tone to a simple manicure & looks tres pretty. Add a dash of the ever so luxurious Kensington Caviar Topcoat to the remaining nails & you have a glossy, girly, Spring appropriate manicure on your mitts. 

What's your favourite nail trend for Spring?

Much Love,

Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Video: New York VLOG Part One......


Hey everyone I am back from my trip to New York & boy did I have an interesting time!

Experiencing a Polar Vortex, eating in some really amazing restaurants, styling myself to look not only fashionable but also to be incredibly warm, celebrating a year of being engaged, actually being in America to buy Bath & Bodywork's candles at two for twenty-two dollars (squeals!), enjoying the joys of Wholefoods, doing far too much shopping & so much more!

So here is my first instalment of what I got up to whilst being in my favourite city, New York. 

Much Love,

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Video: Spring Primark Haul.....


Last Friday after hearing so many customers & people I know rave about one of my nearest Primarks moving premisses & have a major re-ferb, I thought to myself I need to check it out! It was one of the best experiences I've ever had in a Primark- it was quiet, tidy, easy to find the items I wanted & looked great. Needless to say the items I went in intending to buy (thermals & more thick black tights) did not make it into my basket!!!

So I hope you all enjoy this video & if you want to see more from, be sure to subscribe to my channel

Much Love,

Monday, 3 February 2014

Fashion Musings: Elie Saab SS14, Making Brides Dream......

Images found via Vogue

I would give anything to have an Elie Saab masterpiece.

Needles to say as someone who worships anything with lace & handcrafted floral appliques, whisked in a sea of lavender, white, red, soft pink & gold- Saab reached within my heart & produced a collection swirling in love & romance.

Every year he makes me dream. 
He makes Brides dream.

Much Love,

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Blog Update: Catch Up, New Content & A Fresh Look......


I am currently singing along to The 'Les Miserables' soundtrack in my bunny PJ bottems & My Little Pony Sweat top eating an apple- multitasking much?!

The last couple of months have been absolutely crazy at work-(the joys of working in retail during peak trade!) with working in London, overnight shifts on a weekly basis, launching new season trends & just general everyday obstacles has meant that VintageELLE has been very neglected. But that should hopefully end today. 

Over the course of starting VE I have taken many breaks, created some great content, gained some lovely & loyal followers, travelled to some great countries & shared a lot of my life & thoughts that I could not say out loud with you all. However times are changing & blogging is evolving- gone are the days when taking a mediocre photo is good enough, now photographs look like they belong on the glossy pages of Vogue & Elle. I am not saying this is a negative thing, I am one of those who enjoy & aspire to build a blog on the same level as Vivianna Does Makeup, HelloOctober, Gh0stparties, LLYMRLS & ICovetThee. & therefore I need to keep up 'with the times' & create content that I would read, as well as embracing everything that running a full time blog entails.

To do this I need to work even harder then I have previously & deliver daily content to all you gorgeous readers, who I know wouldn't mind seeing seven post a week from me! So 2014 is a new & fresh start for VE, with a whole host of new content from travel to fashion to beauty to food to whatever else I feel the hell like writing- this little place of escapism is all about lifestyle pure & simple. If there is every anything you guys would like me to write about or feel needs to be expressed, then please comment below or tweet to me what you want to see/say. I pledge my commitment to this & to you.

Also we all know a new year means a new look & I am giving this blog a huge style overhaul, creating something that is a lot easier to navigate, cleaner & simple to read. Watch this space!

For now I just want to say thank you to all who have read & visited this little place on the internet so far, please carry on recommending VE to friends, posting links & reading what I have to say- I really truly want us all to grow & evolve. 

Much Love,

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Nails Of The Week: In The Nude.....


I am very partial to a nude nail.

As February comes around with Spring just around the corner, I always find myself gravitating towards classic, simple & neutral nail polishes. It goes with just about anything, looks clean on the nails & adds a 'trying but not really trying' feel to an outfit. 

My 'Go To' nude of the moment is a forgotten treasure by Urban Outfitters called 'Doll' which I find is the perfect nude- pink but not too pink, biscuity but not really with the ability to make my nails looks like they seamlessly blend into my skin (such a good description right there ladies & gents!). I love the staying power of this polish as two days into wear it does not show any signs of chipping nor have I got any signs of wear & is still lovely & glossy in appearance. 

Paired with my favourite ripped boyfriend jeans & woven cardigan, the polish just adds that last effortless detail to a perfect weekend uniform. Whether your going out for brunch, meeting girl friends for a drink or cleaning the bathroom (we all do it!)- a nude nail is your perfect weekend nail. 

Because everything looks better 'In The Nude'.....

Much Love,
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