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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch-Up Week 004


1. This week I decided to give my room a little Spring clean! I was fed up of the mess & clutter that was constantly visible around my vanity & wardrobe, which was beginning to make me feel sad. & so after much inspiration from Pinterest, I went for it & de-cluttered & re-organised my vanity (which might I say, looks gorgeous!)& then packed away most of my winter wardrobe & brought out all of my spring/summer pieces! I feel a lot more happier as to how it all looks, as it is a lot easier to find half of the things I'm looking for & also I enjoy just having a little glance & smile at these areas, to have a look at how lovely they look!

2. Whist we are still on the topic of Spring, I have been trying to channel Spring this week by refusing to wear anything that is dark/black/grey/boring & instead wear lighter colours & fabrics. Yes, for most of the week it was difficult considering how dull & rainy the weather still is, but it did make me feel happy!

3. Made in Chelsea started again on Monday & as always I loved it! Who else was shouting at their screens for Louise being crazy for still being with Spencer & who felt like giving Francis a hug after we found out Sophia wasn't returning? 

4. Rediscovered the joys of Wotsits!

5. Visit Ikea!! Spent a girly day there with my mummy & sister, grabbed a spot of lunch (horse balls anyone!?) & walked around the store for over two hours! I love Ikea because its so cheap & has a lot of modern, minimal pieces. Normally I end up spending a lot of money there, as its so cheap you just go slightly crazy. However this time, I was very proud of myself & spent a tiny £4.86! 

6. I have been addicted to the game Candy Crush. Most of you probably have heard of it or have it, but if you haven't DON'T GET IT!!! It's far to addictive for your own good & unfortunately I also got Adam into it (sorry!) It's probably one of the only free apps that I actually use on my iPad, which says a lot!

7. Today (Sunday) has been spent enjoying the small taste of Spring as it has been lovely, sunny & warmer- are they getting our hopes up that Spring is finally here!? & preparing for my first day in my new job for tomorrow! I'm not really nervous, as I have been doing the same role before & know how fashion retail works, however it is for a new company & in a new location so fingers crossed I will be ok & I'll let you know how I'm getting on next week!

8. Highlights on the blog include| March Favourties, Guest Post on Adding a Touch of Vintage to Your Home, A Spring feeling Outfit of The Day & My Vanity & Makeup Collection Tour. Also on Youtube| My Makeup Collection & Vanity Tour.

How has your week been? Have you been having the urge to Spring clean?

Much Love,


  1. Candy Crush is super addicting!! Luckily you run out of lives otherwise I would play in 24/7 until I got sick of it.

    1. I no ditto!!! & I didn't realise how many levels there were till the other day so this addiction will continue for months now, much to my fiance's disgust!! :) x


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