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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch Up Week 006


1. Been a slightly 'blah' week this week to be honest. Me & Adam have been looking again at properties on rightmove & estate agents websites & we are slowing coming to the relisation that maybe we can't afford exactaully what we want. Ideally we want to buy a house which is not a new build & something we can grow into & live there for a while. However, with house prices being so expensive in our area we are beginning to realise that maybe we would have to settle for a flat. Why is being a first time buyer so difficult!?

2. Have discovered the joys of these flapjacks from Holland & Barrett. Adam loves the plain ones, but my favourites are the ones with chocolate on top!

3. Made in Chelsea on Monday was brilliant as always. So glad Spencer & Louise broke up, although of course Spencer was being a huge douche but thats just him! Congrats Louise for getting rid of one of the worst kinds of men! 

4. Wednesday was a fun filled day off with Adam, we went out for lunch at one of our favourite pubs- The Gardener's Arms & I thoroughly enjoyed my newest food love, a falafel & haloumi burger with peppers, lettuce, humus & guacamole with a side of chips with chili sauce (the photo does not do it justice!). Arrghh it was just so tasty & filling, (I should have ordered it without the bun!) so naturally we needed to go & walk it off which we did at an antiques & collectors market, which was being held conveniently right opposite the pub. Now you all know that I love anything vintage & of course I was in my element Adam had to restrain me from buying a lot of things! I only exited with a few items, of course we would have brought so much more if only we had our own place. But we shall be going back in June to have another fun filled day & if you live in the Sussex area & love anything shabby chic & vintage then this is a must for you!

5. Been contimplating buying this from Etsy. & I was gutted this week when the boyfriend jeans I was about to order from Zara sold out & disappeared from the website *cries*

6. With this sun still shining I have discided to dust off my juicer & start juicing again! As I mentioned last week, I have been eating really badly over the last few months & so to get back into the swing of all things healthy, juicing is my favourite option! 

7. New job is so far just blah!! Working just sixteen hours a week with very little pay is so far proving to be slightly pointless- I don't feel like I contribute enough working four hours per day & it's hard to stay positive, but I'm still looking for full time work ideally not in retail *sigh* 

How has your week been? 

Much Love,

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