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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Say Goodbye To Dry Lips: Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm......


Hand's up if one of your pet hates about autumn is the fact that the curse of the dry lips returns?

Not just me? I thought not. When the days turn colder & the shops turn their heating higher, we can only wait until the unfortunate dry lip problem returns. During summer I find that I can get away with apply either good old Vaseline or one of Maybelline's Baby Lips, however autumn is a whole new ball game with my pout craving even more moisture & nourishment. Thank god I went to France this summer & picked up a fancy pantcy lip balm!

Nuxe is a very very well know brand in France,(mainly for their skincare items but their cosmetics are becoming just as popular!) & has quickly been getting some recognition over her in England with Space NK & Selfridges both stocking it. Now before I went over to France, I did a little research into what products french women could not live without & every page I saw mentioned this little lip balm- so I thought god it must be good!

What I love most about this product is the way it feels when you apply it- unlike Vaseline or Baby Lips this balm is waxy in texture as well as thick which means a little can go a long way! As well as the texture, it goes on completely matte with no shine or gloss to it making it perfect to go underneath a lipstick or lipgloss, as the colour will not just slide off as soon as you apply it! I have been applying this religiously every night for a week & have definitely noticed a change in the way my lipstick applies- the colour no longer clings to any dry spots or lines in my lips, leaving an even application where my lips look healthy & soft. You can feel how nourishing it is on application & there is also little delicate exfolients built in that scrubs away all the dead skin cells as you go. What more is there not to love..... oh the fact it smells like a fresh lemon?! 

What have you been grabbing to maintain a healthy pout now the weather has turned chilly?

Much Love,

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