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Monday, 18 November 2013

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch- Up Week 012....

*Yay for the weekly catch up being on a Monday!!*

1. Monday saw me complete an over night merchandising move at work ready for the Christmas Collections launch. Absolutely knackering as I finished at six thirty in the morning, but completely worth it as the store looks beautiful *smiles* 

2. Nothing says autumn then sitting on the sofa, tucked up in a knitted blanket with a mug of earl grey & a Gilmore Girls boxset- yes that is all I have been doing every evening this week... well that & dreaming of Milo Ventimiglia!

3. On the topic of hot guys, who saw the sizzling promo pictures of the '50 Shades of Grey' leads in Entertainment Weekly? One word. Excited. 

4. Christmas music started playing in the store on Thursday & a tin on Roses also may have been opened along the way, yes it is safe to say Christmas is looming & I am really excited!!!!

5. Spent a little too much in good old Primark again this week- Expect a cheeky haul video up on Friday!

6. It was my day off & Daddy's birthday on which meant my whole family ventured down to the local pub for lunch. I indulged in a yummy Chicken Tikka Wrap with Chips & a cheeky Coke or two to wash it all down with! It was a lovely & relaxing day spent celebrating with my family. 

7. It's autumn which means it's that time of the year again- that's right, it's bus replacement season which unfortunately means it takes me twice as long to get into work on the weekends (joy!) & this whole weekend was no exception. Sometimes I just wish that they just didn't run buses in replacement of trains so that I could just simply stay in bed the whole weekend!

8. Sunday was spent having a little lie in till ten, before I then had to go to leave for work at one (yes on a Sunday! Joys of retail!) until ten. Needless to say I pretty much crashed into bed as soon as I got home!

9. Highlights on the blog this week include: Want Hair Like Kate Middleton? | Origins Morning To Midnight Gift Set

How was your week? Are you looking forward to this week?

Much Love,

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