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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Bumble & Bumble 'Sunday' Shampoo......

When it comes to my hair I am always a little bit wary of trying out new things. 

It's not that I'm not intrigued or don't want to break out of my routine, my hair just does not react well to new products! For years my hair has always been the 'greasy at the roots' kind, as well as, & this may be tmi, having quiet a dry scalp (queue dandruff) which means that trusty Head & Shoulders has been my go to shampoo for a very long time. However since the discovery of a good dry shampoo (thank you treseeme!) I feel like I can branch out a little more & sample a few different shampoo's. 

Bumble & Bumble products have always intrigued me- I don't know why (maybe because they smell so god dam good!) but I always have a little browse of them whenever I'm in Boots, but firmly put them back as always in the back of my mind my head tell me I would be crazy for spending £17+ on a shampoo! But, as you can tell by this post I finally caved in & after a little uh-ming & ah-ing I am now the proud owner of the 'Sunday' shampoo *jumps for joy!*

'Sunday' is a clarifying shampoo, meaning that you should use it once a week or every other week your preference, (as the name suggests on a Sunday) to remove all the product build up, grease & gunk that your hair accumulates in between washes. It promises to leave your hair feeling & smelling fresh, as well as looking healthier & fuller as it will remove all of the yuck & nasties!

Well I can tell you I am totally sold by this shampoo & here's why- shall we start with the smell? Lord it smells like fresh linen or a spring breeze, fresh & clean which when I apply I swear I can feel my hair & scalp breath!! It lathers up so beautifully & after washing out it has that squeaky clean feeling to it, which means you must follow through with a good conditioner so that you hair can get some added moisture back to it. What has sold me the most is that my hair feels so soft, fluffy as well as fuller looking instead of it looking a little limp & sad (which shouldn't really happen after washing!). For all of these pluses, I feel that the £17 price tag is definitely worth it because my hair feels so good & healthier after use & when used once a week, the bottle should last you for a good few months.

What is your favourite Bumble & Bumble Product?

Much Love,

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