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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch Up Week 011.....


1. Monday saw me return back to work after taking a lovely, well deserved week off. Needless to say starting your first shift back by getting up at five in the morning was absolutely thrilling (sarcasm!), but to make things even better messed up my body clock so much that I managed to sleep three hours a night for three days!!

2. So leading on from that, I was pretty much an emotional zombie for the week as running on no sleep (I have to have eight hours or more a night to feel human) made me feel & look horrible, as well as wanting to breakdown in tears when talking to my mum or Adam on the phone! Needless to say I was ecstatic when on Thursday night I managed to sleep for nine hours & enjoyed a much needed day off on Friday *smiles all round!*

3. Caught up on Made in Chelsea for this week on Wednesday (yes two days late) & it was again a beaut! The ever decedent Mark Francis scene where he is surrounded in Cartier & talking in a very serious tone about sleeping bags just had me giggling! As well as the usual- Jamie/Phoebe/Lucy triangle, Francis jumping out of a bush, Louise making it through a whole episode without crying, finding out Andy could sing & finishing in a drink throw! Good episode all round I'd say! 

4. As the weathers got a lot colder recently, I have really been loving soup & my two favourites are Sainsbury's Tomato & Red Pepper as well as Tescos Tuscan Bean.   

5. Could not stop smiling when my favourite Internet family- The Saccone-Joly's found out the gender of their new baby (watch the video HERE)!! The moment when Anna told her mum just gave me goosebumps & it makes me really excited for them.

6. Pulled out of storage the first Christmas jumper on Friday & to make things even more Christmasy, John Lewis released their Christmas Advert for this year & of course I did cry a little at it- Lily Allen singing Keane featuring a cute Bear & Hare, who wouldn't?! 

7. Yesterday was a mixture of running around & chilling out- I spent the morning at work, which it being the weekend was super busy & stressful, but as I finished at three I then spent the evening snuggled up in bed with Adam watching Strictly Come Dancing, eating chocolate & chilling after a ridiculously tiring week!  

8. Products I couldn't live without this week: Origins GinZig Refreshing Eye Cream & Benefit Eye Bright Pencil

What have you been up to this week?

Much Love,

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