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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

For Hair Like Kate Middleton: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse.......


I am one of those people who gets jealous every time I see a picture of Kate Middleton's hair. 

Smooth, glossy & probably silky to touch (with a slight resemblance to a Galaxy chocolate bar), I have made it my mission to get hair that looks as health & silky as Kate's.

This mission started nearly a couple of years ago when everyone was raving about the VO5 Miracle Concentrate Conditioner, ever since it has been my go to oil to use when my hair is damp after washing. But through time I felt the urge to try something new & a little more high end to have a comparison to & so this year when on holiday in France whilst have a browse in one of the Pharmacies, I came across this all purpose dry oil by Nuxe & thought I must try this!

As I said before, Nuxe is a very well known brand in France & again whilst doing some research on what I should try when over there this little beauty came up. One of the first things I must say is that it is marketed as an all purpose oil- meaning you can use it on your body, face, hair, nails where ever you want! Me, I like to keep things simple & as I am not a lover of using body or face oils, my hair is the only place I have been putting the oil. This oil boasts in having thirty percent natural plant oils, as well as Vitamin E to help nourish & repair your body & hair.

Firstly lets talk about the scent, now I am not a lover of how this smells- for me its a little too 'old lady-esque' with it being very floral & what I would describe as a very french smelling perfume smell. With that being said I can look past the smell as it does disappear after about half hour after you have applied it to your hair (it probably would stick around for a lot longer if you used it on your body!) & after I have applied it to the ends & let it absorb for a good twenty minutes, I either leave it to air dry or rough blow dry it & the feeling of my hair after is just wowzers! So super soft & shiny looking this stuff makes my hair feels healthier, as well as the added bonus that my hair is looking a little bit like a Galaxy Chocolate Bar! It does not make my hair look greasy & nor does it feel greasy on my hands after application, the only downside for me is the price- at £22 it has a hefty price tag & honestly would put me off repurchase it. The reasons? Well if I used it as a multi purpose oil on my hair & body I could justify parting with that amount of money, but with using it on just my hair & with my VO5 baby doing more or less the same job with the same results, it feels a little too extravagant! Honestly I do love this product but not so much the price tag.

What's your favourite hair oil to use to get Kate Middleton-esque hair?

Much Love,

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