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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch Up Week 009......


1. My week kicked off with the last in the series of Made in Chelsea- boo!! As always there was a lot of drama, surprise relationships, random parties & brilliant quotes, (Millie always gets the good one liners!) if you watch it I won't spoil it for you but all I can say is I am no longer on Louise's side. Let's hope the nest series is just as good.

2. Wednesday saw me & Adam return to the International Antiques & Collectors Fayre, where we picked up a few lovely little bits & pieces for the future home. Adam spent a good fifteen minuets deciding whether he wanted a metal draw unit (which he ended up getting) & I happily chatted to a lovely lady over cushions, who said I reminded her of her daughter, so much so that it led to her giving me £2 off a cushion- score!

3. This week I have really been enjoying my Catrice 'Prime & Fine Highlighting Powder'. Now normally I do not like using a powder highlighter, I just prefer the overall look & application of a liquid however the subtle gold/pink shimmer of this powder has got me hooked ♥

4. My skin went absolutely crazy on Thursday. I have not had a breakout this bad in quiet a while & although I have not added anything different into my skincare routine, (you guys know I stick with the tried & tested products) I did make homemade pore stripes which could have caused this major skin upset! Although the pore stripes were really fun to make & peel off, taking away many blackheads & yuckiness- it could have caused this reaction. So therefore I am currently on a 'back to basics' mission of no new products, no makeup & slapping on the witch hazel!!!

5. On the subject of health, I have also had cravings all this week for Cadbury's Marvellous Creations Chocolate bars which if you guys have not heard of them, are a chocolate bar with jelly beans, popping candy & smarties-like sweets in it. Tastes great but all this bad eating could have been another reason for my skin to go crazy, so cutting everything bad out for next week.

6. Thursday night saw me stay up till midnight to grab me some bargains at the Zara sale. A few things that I had been eyeing up all season did not go into sale, but as it is my birthday soon I thought to try them anyways to see if I liked them enough to want them for then- so expect a Zara haul coming soon next week!

7. Saturday marked my little sisters twenty first birthday, which makes me feel really old! Sadly I had to work a four hour shift in the middle of the day so missed the main event, which was an Alice in Wonderland style tea party *sad face* but we had a lovely evening munching on left overs & playing boardgames (how British!) so kind of made up for missing most of the day. 

8. Sunday (today) has as always been a relaxed & chilled out day, spent doing not much! Caught up on all my missed Youtube videos, replying to comments & emails, painting my nails (Essie's Bikini So Teeny for reference) & having a lovely home cooked Chicken, Bacon & Leek pie for dinner- could my Sunday have been anymore relaxing?!

What have you done this week?

Much Love,

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