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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Eye Look Of The Day: Smokey Taupe & Gold.....

The unpredictable English weather has of course gone back to being damp,dreary & grey & therefore so has my eye make-up! 

My planned video & blog post could not take place, I was stuck on things to do (housework anyone!?) so I cracked out my favourite eyeshadow palette of the moment & had a little play around. 
The result: a vamped up smokey taupe & gold concoction, perfect for a night out. My eye makeup is never by all means perfect- there is always something I would want to change, but I like to experiment & have a little play around & I quiet like a little bit of imperfection in makeup.  
                                                                                                      Undress Me Too Palette- £4
Firstly I took the colour 'Lavish' which is a matte shadow & the taupe-ist colour out of the palette (second in on top row) for the base colour & applied it to the whole eye lid, starting at the outer corner & moving inwards towards the tear duct- it doesn't have to look perfect as I blend it all at the end!
Now for the gold, & I used 'Tranquil' (bottom left) which is a slight gold & taupe mixture that is nicely pigmented (looks beautiful!) for the  inner & middle part of the eyelid. I applied this over 'Lavish' to create a lighter taupe colour that had a touche of gold, so that in different light/move you can see either taupe or gold (different light shows off different colours). Next get a fluffy blending brush & just very lightly start to blend the two colours together using light circular motions, make sure to focus on the middle & outer part of the eye to blend out the line from the two colours so that they merge into one. For the crease I used 'Obsessed' (second in bottom row of previous photo) on a pencil brush & again applied it using a circular buffing motion to the crease & outer V. This is a very strong colour so start off lightly & build up the colour slowly & then using the same blending brush, blend out the crease so it is not so harsh & it begins to look smokey. Lastly I took a dot of 'Devotion' (top right) to my inner/ tear duct area.
To finish off the eyes I took 'Corrupt' which is the only black shadow in the palette, (on a eye liner brush) to line my upper lash line & applied two coats of Maybelline's 'The Rocket' Mascara. The rest of my face is my tried & tested everyday face routine & hair is kept natural with my 'no heat' waves.

Have you had a recent play around with your makeup?

Much Love,

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  1. ahhh wish u cud do it on me i can never do make up so well!! im useless n that looks so beautiful !!!


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