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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Beauty Review: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks......

I am slightly late in jumping onto the Revlon Ultimate Suede Lipsticks bandwagon.

 But I have actually had these since they were first launched over here in the UK (March time?) & am only now getting around to reviewing them & had to let you guys know my thoughts! So let's jump into it.....

T-B: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks in 020 'Front Row' & 025 'Socialite'- £6.99
Unlike most lipsticks that I own, the lids are see-through on these meaning that you can actual tell what the colour of each looks like without having to open them, which is really handy if your quickly looking for a particular colour in a packed makeup bag! As well as the lid being see-through, the rest of the tube is also with the shades colour as the rest of the tube. I like how they look- they are not all one colour & appear to look like a lip gloss tube instead of a lipstick, as it's in a plastic see through tube like most glosses are!
The colour 'Front Row' is a gorgeous light bubblegum pink, which even after drying has a slight iridescent sheer to it. Even though the colour is slightly too light then what I would normally pick, both lipsticks are extremely buildable in colour & have the best colour pay off I have so far found in a lipstick. On application, they feel lovely & creamy on the lips (slightly drying if you don't put a little bit of Vaseline or lip balm on before) which lasts throughout the day. The great thing about them is that they dry to almost a matte finish with a slight sheer & last for a good amount of time (5+ hours). I am one of those people that hates the feeling that they are wearing lipstick- you know that horrible dry feeling on your lips? But with these I forget & only realise when I need a touch up! 
'Socialite' is by far my favourite shade out of all of them. Gorgeous rosy-brown colour which reminds me a lot of my Chanel 'Chintz' lipstick, as the colours are extremely similar with 'Socialite' being just a tad more darker when applying it to your lips. Again I'm a huge lover of the way that this lipstick applies- starts of creamy & slightly glossy but dries matte with it barely defining my slightly dry lips! This is a great colour dupe for 'Chintz' but for a fraction of the price & I really enjoy wearing it.
L-R: 'Front Row' & 'Socialite'

Have you tried the Revlon Suede Lipsticks? What was your first impressions?

Much Love,

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  1. front row is more me but I like the darker shade more !!! very classy!!


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