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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch Up Week 008.......


1. Pretty hectic week on the old work front, consisting of preparing the store for the regional's visit tomorrow, re-merchandising the whole shop floor & having a giggle with the staff! I have been very very thankful for a day off today to sleep in & let my mind slow down!

2. This week continues my nightly date with my SATC boxset. Nearly at the end of the final season, I am a couple of episodes away from Carries big (no pun intended) move to Paris. My fiance's mum asked me the other day who I saw myself as in SATC? Honestly I would say I am a mixture of both Carrie, Miranda & Charlotte (sorry Samantha but I am just not a confident, ragging sexaholic like yourself!!). On one hand I love fashion & am addicted to bags like Carrie is to shoes, I am a workaholic like Miranda & a hopeless romantic like Charlotte. So I'm Carriandalotte! 

3. After Wednesday & Thursdays dreary, dull & winter-esque weather I have been day dreaming/looking forward to my summer holiday with the family this year. Now you all know by now that we visit France every year & this year is no exception, except that we will be journeying to the gorgeous & luxurious South where Monaco, Cannes, Nice & Grasse are all but a ten to half hours drive away! I need some sun, sea & french designers in my life now!

4. On the topic of France, I was extremely excited to find out that Isabel Marant will be collaborating with H&M to create a one off collection, which will be launched in November. Unlike most H&M collaborations, I am genuinely excited for this one as I have grown to love Marant's cool & chic model off duty look. 

5. After six months (gulp) of avoiding having my haircut, I finally booked a much needed cut & re-style. I have had no inspiration to spend anytime styling my hair apart from the odd day here & there of curling, so a much needed hair overhaul will be taking place the week after next! I'm thinking of keeping the length as it is (just a tidy up needed) & getting more long layers put in so that it looks a little bit more like this. What are your thoughts? & yes, Claire is my hairspiration (love her blog & Youtube Channel).

6. Friday saw another date night with the fiance. The night consisted of my new favourite pizza- Parma Ham, Rocket & Mozzarella on a thin stone baked base, as well as getting our superhero fix at the cinema by watch 'Man of Steel'. The movie was excellent: graphics, music, acting & overall production was phenomenal. Everything I was expecting & more just the overall storyline lacked a little something. Still date night was lovely as always ♥

7. Slight addiction happening with Cadbury's Twirls. Similar to a  flake but this time its covered in chocolate- needless to say this is heaven & addictive!

8. Today (Sunday) was as intended, the day of rest & completely relaxed. I slept in till nine & caught up on Youtube videos in bed till eleven, Adam came over & as the weather had improved we headed off on a Sunday stroll in the fields & was finished off by silly 'couple' antics such as trying to do the 'Superman' on each other (not at all dirty!) & breaking down into a giggling fit! Also as it is of course Fathers Day & Sunday, we had a lovely family roast & family time.

9. Highlights on the blog include| Review on Revlon's Suede Lipsticks & a (gasps!) Eye Look of the Day.

How has your week been? Have you had a crazy time at work like me?

Much Love,

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