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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Being Elle: Paris, Part Une....

So Salute to all you lovely ladies & gents 
As I said to you all in my last post I have been away for a couple of weeks, one of these weeks was spent in the gorgeous city of Paris which flew by just so quickly! Having got back not that long ago I didn't realise that one of my favourite bloggers: What Olivia Did. was out in Paris at the exact same time as myself (boo!)which is super amazing & I have just been reading about her experiences of the city, it's amazing how people can see a city in different ways (so go check her out!). 
So without further ado, lets get into this post & please be warned that like most of my travel posts I get a teeny, tiny bit carried away with the amount of photographs I post- but this has been considerably cut down, so again apologise for the photo heavy post!

Having arrived on Monday afternoon to our modern Montmartre hotel, the last thing we wanted to do was go sight seeing already after a long drive! One of the most funniest things of the whole visit was we were only in our hotel room for 1/2 an hour, when I saw from the window a completely naked man on one of the balconies opposite our room- needless to say it had to be documented via photography!
 So instead we settled into the area, grabbed a spot of dinner (amazing burger in a cute bar which was nameless!) & then had a good night sleep ready for the packed days ahead. So for the days that followed we really tried to pack in as much of Paris as we possibly could- we went to the top of The Arc de Triomphe, strolled down the Champs Elysees taking in all the shops from Zara to Cartier, Sephora to Guerlain, (there was even an M&S, total suprise to find but made a good place for lunch!)visited The Louvre & the beautiful gardens that it sits in, visited The Place de Concord, chilled out in some gorgeous, Parisian gardens- the list just goes on!

One of the things that I loved about this city is the people, the history & the architecture. I could have spent hours just wondering around the streets, photographing people & buildings, rustic wooden shutters & beautiful lamp posts- for me there was something just so historical, intriguing & beautiful everywhere you looked. The gardens were something out of an old novel, the people beautiful to watch & the history & chicness the city oozes- is enough for me just to be completely captivated & bewildered by the city. 

To finish off, we had already pre-booked tickets to get to the middle of The Eiffel Tower for 10:30pm (thank god we had, as the queues were absolutely RIDICULOUS & let's be honest, we were too scared to go all the way to the top!) This was one of the things that I had been looking forward to for the whole trip, just to see the whole of Paris lit up, looking all pretty is just something I had always wanted to experience! My pictures of the view up there turned out absolutely pants, even with the flash on, but let me tell you if you want to go up the Eiffel Tower you have to do it at night as the view is just breath taking.

Images © VintageELLE09

Check out tomorrow's post for the second part of my Paris tour!

Much Love,

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