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Monday, 6 August 2012

Being Elle: Paris, Part Deux....

For our final full day in Paris, we decided to visit one of the more further afield sights, that being Notre Dame. The weather was again super hot(32!)but having nice weather allowed me to not only get good photographs, but I could appreciate the architecture & all of its intricate details (just look at Notre Dame, the windows alone are simply amazing!). 

I was upset however, that I did not see Quasimodo!

One of the main things that I loved about Paris (excluding the architecture), was the bohemian, artsy side of city. I loved the juxtaposition of the chic & elegant, along side the bohemian, relaxed spectrum's of the city. 
So, I was sitting in these lovely gardens in the shade just watching people 'live'- there were two guys having a jamming session over their acoustic guitars, chic women reading tattered books, a group of artists sketching Notre Dame, these small things for me can describe a city in a nano second & I love watching people who are the city for me.

So after lazing around in the garden for about an hour, we made our way along the river, stopping to look at the stands selling artwork & second hand books, I stopped to buy a beret (oolala!), & of course I had to go & have a look at all of the lovers locks on the Pont des Arts before making our way back to the metro. Along the way I found this amazing bookstore- Shakespeare & Company, which again was full of cheap, second hand books & it was just so British!

And what evening wouldn't be complete, than to go & have an evening munch in Hard Rock Cafe!? Now I am aware it is not classic French cuisine, but my brother insisted on going there, plus the atmosphere & food are always faultless. & being the 'foodie' that I am, you would have thought I would be munching on a burger. Sadly for me, I had zero appetite due to the heat & so I settled for a snoring, boring Chicken Cesare Salad!

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So that concludes our last full day in Paris, next stop: HOLLAND!
Check out tomorrow's post if you want to find out what I got up to in another beautiful country.

Much Love,

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