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Monday, 13 August 2012

Being Elle: The Holland Experience......

So after having an amazing time in Paris, we now moved on to Holland.
I had never visited Holland before, but my parents & brother had visited in February so were more or less 'clued up' on the country. 

My first thoughts were: Jesus Christ, everyone cycles & owns a bike here!!
Yes, they do. Literally bikes/cycle lanes everywhere!

But after I had got over that huge realisation I was really impressed at how healthy, clean & relaxed Holland is- when I visited Amsterdam there was no rubbish lying around the streets, people were happy & in no hurry & (as always) the food looks extremely healthy & gorgeous! Needless to say I was sold on Holland!

We had a pretty relaxing time in compassion to Paris, which was all GO GO GO!(Murry Walker impression there) Again we soaked up all of the tradition & sights that Holland had to offer: visited a windmill farm & traditional Holland village, went to Ikea, fed a goat, went on a canal cruise, visited the Henieken factory, sat in a clog(?!), saw some ladies in windows & nearly got mowed down by a bicycle! 

So all in all a pretty relaxed & eventful trip 

© VintageELLE09

P.S That is the ridiculously grand house we were staying in!

What has your Holland experience been like?

Much Love,

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