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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Beauty Review: Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist & Elderflower Eye Gel....

Now let me be truthful, I hadn't visited The Body Shop in years.
Ever since discovering Lush nearly 10 years ago, I completely disregarded The Body Shop & brought everything yummy & good for your skin from Lush. 
However just before I went on holiday, I was walking past my local Body Shop & thought "Let's go in & see if there is anything I'm remotely interested in." So in I popped & had a little nosey around the store, when these two things caught my eye & I ended up purchasing.

                 Face Mist: £7

Vitamin E Face Mist: I am so excited to talk to you all about this little face mist because I'm in love with it!! I have been wanting a facial mist for a while, even though there has been so much hype surrounding the Caudalie Beauty Elixier (which I was considering purchasing)- I wanted to find a cheaper, more available, better smelling version. The mist contains: Water(obviously as its a mist!),Panthenol(softens & conditions the skin) & Rosewater(to refresh). All sounding good especially the Rosewater!! 

So of course in the store you have to test out the product right?! So I sprayed it directly at my face & was met by the amazing scent of roses, at this point I must also mention I was a little on edge by the sales person who was staring intently at me, but regardless I carried on! 

Now I am not one for the dramatics, especially over beauty products, normally when watching Youtube video's & the person your watching screams, "OH MY GOODNESS, this product has changed my life!", I'm the one snorting in disbelief about how a product can change your life, but ladies this product has changed my life! Right so I didn't use this until I had arrived in Paris & if you have read my previous post then you will know that it was very, very hot when I was over there. So after one day walking around the city I thought "Right enough is enough, my makeup has run down my face, I'm so sweaty its disgusting. Tomorrow I shall try out my new face mist as it's meant to help set my makeup." So the next day, I used it after applying my full face of makeup, loved that the mist was just the right density, as it didn't spray too much product in my face so you have to waft a magazine in front of your face so the product can sink in! 

But the best part was that it really kept my makeup in place for more or less the whole day. I carried it around in my bag with me all day, doing a few sprays here & there to freshen up my face-  I had no runny mascara eyes, no blotchy red face, my whole face stayed on in the heat & being outside for most of the day! My brother used it & liked how it cooled down his skin, leaving it feeling refreshed & less red. Even when applying before you go to bed, it leaves my skin feeling refreshed & tingly! 

It's not greasy, it doesn't smell bad & it leaves my skin with a glow. It is now a permanent fixture in my daily skincare/ makeup routine.

                                     Eye Cream: £6.50

Elderflower Un- Perfumed Eye Gel: Ok, so eye cream/gels for me have always been a tricky one when purchasing. My eye area is & always has been extremely sensitive, even to products that'claim' to be "un-perfumed"- so I was intrigued to give this one a go. The ingredients are simple: Water, Witch Hazel (to calm & sooth)& Sambucus Nigra Water (also known as Elderflower Water), all ingredients that to me sound like they would be gentle & calming to my under-eye area.

My first impressions in the store, as well as at home were nothing out of the ordinary- I liked how thick the consistency of the gel felt, which is great for the under- eye area as you feel like your eyes are being treated to a good amount of moisture, where as from previous experiences the more cream based eye products tend to leave your eyes feeling greasy & heavy. It had no scent to it at all, which again is great for sensitive eyes as it is normally the perfume which irritates the eyes (making you look red, blotchy & teary), & lastly when applied to my wrist it felt cool & calming.

I apply it every night to my under-eye area & eye lids using a sweeping/patting motion with my middle finger, which leaves my tired eyes feeling relaxed & refreshed. This I feel is because the ingredients really work with your skin to make it feel soothed & as there is no added nasties you don't feel like your adding anything bad to your skin! Top Tip: Keep it in the fridge during the day & when applying, it will be even more calming to your eyes & for me it makes me feel more awake!

Overall I am very happy with the items I brought, honestly I did not have high hopes for the products as being a converted Lush fan for years, in my eyes nothing could compare to what they have to offer. But I do strongly believe that actually The Body Shop products aren't as bad as I remembered them to be!

Can you recommend any Body Shop treats I should buy next?

Much Love,

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