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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Being Elle: Family Roadtrip, I'm In Paris!!

The amazing view from my balcony!

Bon Jour mes amies :)
C'est moi de la ville étonnante qui est à Paris!!!

Me & my family are here in this lovely city for 5 days & then we shall be heading onto another amazing city- Amsterdam!!
Eeeekk, this is so exciting, as I have never visited either cities before & just soaking up the culture of the Parisian's so far has been beautiful. We are staying in Montmartre, which is a very urban/edgy part of Paris in my eyes, as there are loads of coffee shops & bars that look just like the ones in The Village in New York. The weather hear at the moment is amazing, it's like the sun has had enough of hiding behind clouds & has just come out in full force & heat- thank god for air con!!

Needless to say I shall be updating you all on my Parisian experiences as & when I can but for now I must run as we have a packed day ahead of visiting the Louvre, walking along the Seine & eating way too many eclairs! 

Adieu mes amours :)

Much love,

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