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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Lazy Girls Hair: Messy Ponytail.....


I remember as a seven year old sitting at my mum's dressing table, grimacing as she swirled my hair into a high pony tail on top of my little head. In those days I had a thick, blunt fringe & hair that was so thick that it hated being kept up there with only a scrunchy & gravity to hold it in place- I used to love how after playtime it would have slipped down to be positioned at the side of my face! 

Its funny how a memories like that stick with you.

Nowhere days I love to rock a high, messy ponytail on days when I  can't really be bothered to do anything with my hair but I still want to look put together, or on 'day three' hair which has plenty more texture & grit to it- it's so simple & only takes me two minuets! I start off by spray my favourite dry shampoo (Tresemme Instant Fresh) to the roots to give it a little more life & get rid of the grease. I hold the can a whole can away from my head & message in to the roots. Now reading that back your probably think 'what does she mean by one can away from her head?' well, basically all you do is put the can on your head & that's how far away you should hold it when you apply your spray! I then brush through my hair with a hair brush, then I brush my side fringe out, gather all my hair into a pony tail right on the top of my head, use my brush to pull out any hair I want to frame my face & make it look even messier & then finally secure with a black hair tie. Lastly I pull with my fingers at sections of my hair (normally at the top & sides) to give it a little more volume & added mess so it looks something like this! I also love doing this on day three hair when I have done heatless waves to it overnight- it has such a crazy amount of texture & wave to it which makes me happy & has such a model off duty look to it!

How do you rock a ponytail?

Much Love,

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