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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch Up 015.....


1. The week started off with a bang by doing an over night at work- yay

2. My body could no longer fight it. It was inevitable- I was struck with a sneaky cold! Thankfully it is my only cold of the year & as I have a pretty good immune system, it should be gone soon. Although for the time being I have a voice that resembles Macy Greys!

3. Being the bargain hunter that I am & my hair dryer being on the brink of retirement, I ventured into Boots & snapped up the Remington Silk Dryer that I had been eyeing up since November. I missed out on it when it was on offer before Christmas, due to the fact it was at a ridiculously low price of twenty five pounds & selling out instantly! But when I spied it back on offer from £54 to £34 I couldn't let it go again & ran to the cash desk.

4. This week I have been obsessed with Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills. It's cringy with over the top, spoilt rich (I wanna say kids as that is the way they behave, but they are all grown adults of twenty four plus!) twenty-somethings who have a ridiculous lifestyle. It's my guilty pleasure of the moment!

5. Started practising for Pancake Day by cooking some mean American style pancakes mid week. Mine was served with Cherry Pie filling, Adam's was with Vanilla Ice Cream- yums!

6. My purse is now officially on lock down since Friday as I spent way too much money in New York. So no venturing into Boots to indulge in the notorious three for two offer for me *powts*

7. Saturday was a pretty hectic day on the old work front, thanks to it being pay weekend & the launch of our mid-season sale. My legs are not thanking me today! Also both mine & Adam's parents went to look around a potential house (cross fingers!) that we may be putting in an offer for on Monday! That sentence just felt far too grown up!

8. Highlights on VE for the week include: The first VLOG from our trip to New York & Nails of The Week

What's been the highlight of your week?

Much Love,

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