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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch-Up 016......


1. This week me & Adam had off from work together & so we decided to take some time out to focus on ourselves, as well as visit family & relax way from life & work.

2. Tuesday we visited the Champney's spa in Forest Mere, which was such a great & calming experience for both of us. We got our nails done, had an amazing message, ate super healthy & yummy food, pumped some iron in the gym & chilled out by the pool. It was (in my eyes) such a relaxing atmosphere with the spa situated within the New Forest & our room over looking a beautiful lake, which made me feel even more calm & able to switch off. It gave me & Adam the perfect time to just reconnect & focus on ourselves, that for my first spa experience made me feel very alive & peaceful.   

3. To follow on from the spa break, I have perfected my bare face makeup routine using four products & a very light base. One of these products being my current obsession- Revlon Colourburst Matte Lipbalm in 'Complex', it is perfection.

4. I have really been getting back into watching daily Vloggers on Youtube. Over the last four months, I haven't really been watching these types of videos for some reason but now I can't stop watching itsJudysLife & TheSacconeJoly's!

5. My scalp has been feeling a little itchy recently & I'm not sure why, is it because of the change in weather? Is it because I'm not rising out my shampoo properly? Have I got a lot of product building up? Who knows! So I'm currently trying out a little cheap shampoo from Boots, which fingers crossed should help sooth my barnett! 

6. Thursday saw us jet setting off again, but this time to somewhere a little nearer- Guernsey. For those of you who don't perhaps know, Adam's mums side of the family live over there & we love to go visit them over there. So we went over for a couple of nights to catch up with everyone- my passport now needs a little break!

7. Picked up a few cheeky pieces in Zara at the airport. What can I say... I have an addiction & no willpower- added plus is you guys will get a haul out of it!

8. On the house front, we found an amazing house this week that both of us fell in love with, which led to us putting in an offer for on Friday. However there was a lot of interest in it & we sadly lost it to a cash buyer. We feel really upset about it & disheartened, for me its purely down to the fact that I feel frustrated at how difficult it is for first time buyers to get what they want, when we are constantly competing with a vast number of property developers who just have money on their minds. But I'm sure we will scrap ourselves up off the floor & battle on- third time lucky?!

9. Saturday was a pretty chilled last day in Guernsey- we took a drive along the coast with the windows down, listening to Radio One, stopped off in town at our favourite restaurant Dix Neuf for lunch & then drove to the airport to catch our flight back home. Was honestly such a lovely trip to see Adam's family & just being on the island is so calming & nostalgic for both of us, it just rounded off the week so nicely. 

10. Highlight on VE & Youtube | What's In My Bag: Work Edition

Have you had a good week?

Much Love,

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