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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch Up Week 002......


1. Monday was a right off. Didn't want to get out of bed & spent most of the day in my pj's'

2. Tuesday I had an interview with a subscription company. I was really excited about possibly working for the company & really wanted it, however when I arrived it was pretty much not an interview, just got 'talked at' about the role & didn't get a great feeling about how it went (my gutt is always right when it comes to interviews). Found out on Thursday I didn't get it, as they thought I would be bored coming from the company/environment I had recently worked for. My mum said that's code for 'I'm over qualified'- I don't think so somehow but I was really upset I didn't get it, this fuels my thought process of I'm just being pigion holed to retail, I was crazy for leaving with no job in the pipeline & of course the favourite, I have made a mistake, I should go back!!

3. I have been lusting over far too many new clothes, bags & shoes recently. My 'wish list' is growing by the day & I dream of crisp new outfits with colours of white & pastel. I must hold off though until I have money coming in!

4. Had a lovely mummy daughter day. Went to our local garden centre, had a look around & indulged in a lemon cupcake & earl grey- how very English!

5. Today I have eaten a fair amount of chocolate, made Easter cornflake nests & had a lovely family roast. Gotta love Easter!

6. Highlights on the blog include: Superdrug haul & the long awaited 100th post. & on Youtube: 50 facts about me (if you want a little giggle!)


What have you all been up to this week & what has been your best bits? 

As always, check my twitter & instagram feed for up to date info about what I have been doing & I'll catch you next week!

Happy Easter!

Much Love,

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