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Saturday, 9 March 2013

DIY: Our Engagement Announcements......



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This is the first of many wedding related blogposts!! Are you excited?!

One of the first things that we wanted to do when we got engaged was scream it from the rooftops & call everyone & anyone. But being in another country made it very difficult- of course it helped that mine & Adam's parents were able to call most people for us to let them know, however we still wanted to send a more formal announcement to make it official! 

Now me being the Pinterest fanatic that I am, (I have just got Adam into it as well, sorry!) I started to gather many ideas/inspirations of how we wanted not only our reception & wedding to look like, but also small things such as invitations, name places, favours etc. So I stumbled across this really interesting image that got me completely inspired, I showed it to Adam & he really liked it too & so we ran with the idea & voila!

It actually was very inexpensive to make these cards compared to making a card with a photo slapped across the front. We had talked about how we wanted the card to look like & we both felt that we wanted it to look fun, but also to follow the vintage/shabby chic/relaxed look that we both want from the actual wedding. As we want to save as much money as possible on the more smaller & unnecessary things, I searched eBay for hours looking for cheap card & envelopes that were under £10 for 50+ & that were made from recycled card (not white). Eventually I found this brilliant website- Razzle Dazzle Rose which not only stocks great quality cards & envelopes, but it also has boxes, place cards, luggage tags etc- I will defiantly be using this website in the future for more stationary! For a pack of 50 including envelopes as well, came in at £9.98 which included P&P which I was very happy about as it came in under budget! 

Next all we did was grabbed a black ink pad, did a couple of test runs on a piece of paper making sure that our thumb prints over lapped enough so that it looked like a heart, scanned the thumb prints image onto the computer & imported it into word, inserted the text that we wanted (choosing the correct text style took, forever!)& after a lot of stress that technology always has to offer when it comes to me doing anything creative, we were finally able to print them off & send them!

We both love the outcome of them- both of us think the small statement at the bottom sums up the actual engagement to a tea! Its a little inside joke!!

I hope this has been a little bit inspirational & has got your creative juices flowing! I think its a wonderful idea even as a birth announcement, birthday invite or baby shower invite.

Much Love,

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