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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Style: What's In My Bag #2: Winter Edition.....



Hello to all you lovely readers out there!

So today I was looking through my Youtube video's that I have been making over the years & I realised there are so many that are really outdated! So I got thinking & decided to do an updated 'What's in My Bag' video, not only because it is one of the videos that I love to watch myself on Youtube, but also because I always have so much fun filming these kinds of videos too!

Yes I do carry a lot of stuff around in my bag on a regular basis, what woman doesn't?! I'm kind of the South-East of England's version of Mary Poppins

What did I learn out of this video, I hear you say?
That I am a hoarder of lip products!!!

If you aren't already subscribed to my channel (umm where have you been!!! Kidding!) then go on over & have a look HERE.

^^^^ Watch the video ^^^^

What things do you guys carry around in your bags?
Are you a lip product hoarder?!

Much love,

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