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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Mini Primark Haul.....

Primark is my little guilty pleasure.
A place to go to stock up on basics, have a rummage & find some bargains!!

So yesterday I took a trip into my local Primark (or Primarni as we used to call it at school!) to stake out some bargains- mainly jewellery that I had seen fellow Youtubers had purchased, but also to see if there was anything else that caught my eye (coughs: the bikini). Now Primark can be hit or miss- some days you come out with nothing, others you find so many hidden gems, but always always I'd advise that if you are going to buy some you must try it on! There have been many a time when I have not tried something on, normal due to pure laziness or that the fitting room has a queue a mile long, & I've got it home & either it looks disgusting on or there is something wrong with it (ie holes, buttons missing ect).

Yesterday though, I was very happy with my purchases (bikini is my favourite buy!) but you guys have a look & tell me your thoughts, I could be wrong!! 



                                   Cross Earrings- £1.50



                                Spike Stud Earrings- £2



                                 Double Chain Necklace- £4




                        Dotty Bikini Top- £6 & Bottoms- £4


The day was also spent with my gorgeous friend & fellow blogger Joanna, (she has just started her own blog so click HERE to have a look & follow her if you like her blog) started off with a Starbucks, wondering around the shops, buying some balls (don't ask!!) & laughing a lot at the pavilion whilst watching people ice skate. I'm going to miss her so much when she moves to Sweden next week *sad face*

Have you found any bargains recently in Primark?

Much Love,


  1. Awwwww LOVES IT!!! :D yes bikini looks lovely i did not know how many of the accessories u actually got.. my fave for sure is the drop silver earings but i do like the skulls ones as well and defo crosses (EKHM!) ahhaha !! looks so cool on u was good to see u thanku for lovely comment i just packed my boxes n sat to have a read on ur blog :D xx

    1. hehehee I snuck alot in my basket with out u seeing ;) I'm SO glad u talked me into getting the bikini cos i <3 it!!!! & im wearing the cross earrings 2day (very joanna) I tried commenting on ur post about accessories but not sure if u got it as it said all this stuff in swedish!!! lol xxxxx

    2. yeee u did well i got them not sure how u get them back but i dnt see when u reply.. hahah i just saw right NOW that u wrote about the.. BALLs !!! hahahahhahaha cracks me up ye it was a nice bikini very you.. !!!! yeee nicee defo all my stuff is sent now so i have not much 2 wear accessoriewise :O !!! :D


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