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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013: Goals & Resolutions.....

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Another year fly's by, we start to reflect about the good & the bad parts that happened in the year & of course we make goals/ resolutions to make ourselves better people for this new year.

Well or so we hope!!

As I explained last year, I am not one for making resolutions- I find it difficult to achieve anything when you put in front of something 'I will' or 'I will not'. Instead I like to stick with good old fashioned list making of goals I would like to achieve for the new year, that are not too difficult for me to achieve!
For those of you who want to have a nosey about the goals I set for myself last year, have a look HERE
Of course, me being human I did not achieve as many of the goals that I had set out to. Some I had forgotten about, others I was very very close to achieving & of course there were ones I did achieve, but this has not disheartened or stopped me into thinking that I did not achieve anything because I did.

So lovely readers, here are my goals for this year, 2013- I have a feeling this year will be my year.

1. Get a job that I am passionate about & enjoy
2. Get my photography printed & sell/display in local shops
3. Visit 4 different countries or 4 cities
4. Upload a video onto Youtube at lest once a week & post on here at lest twice a week
5. Do a car boot sale
6. Start jogging 
7. Go camping
8. Visit Guernsey once this year
9. Learn how to use photoshop
10. Cover my chair
11. Bake cookies & send them to someone
12. Publish new content on my blog & collaborate more with other bloggers
13. Do a craft fair
14. Apply for a mortgage & view some houses
15. Learn how to make 3 different kinds of cocktails
16. Join a photography class
17. Do an internship in either theatre or at a magazine/newspaper
18. Get a tattoo 
19. Watch a sunset somewhere meaningful
20. Learn a language
21. Say 'Yes' more to things 
22. Re-decorate my room
23. Donate money to a worthy charity 
24. Stop saying 'I can't' & start saying 'I can'
25. Live, Laugh & Love ♥ 

Yes, I know some of them are repeats from last year (mainly because I didn't do them!) but I really want to achieve them this year, so I WILL!!! 

What are your goals/resolutions for this year?
Much love,


  1. nr 25. ask Jana what is my fave ever quote ;) AGREE big time... woow love lists... !!we should totally get a tattoo together !!!! i want u to get a creative job where you can be yourself and be this danni i love so much !! no stressing no running like crazy !! something with fashion n photography theater drama and acting!! i told u that already.. u have to visit STOCKHOLM thats a one and TORUN (POLAND) thats a 2 ;) xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. hehehe ur gonna make me travel this year I can tell which is FAB cos i really wanna c new places :D awwww sweetie merci!!! & I want u 2 find something that makes u happy & that u enjoy so much too :D YES we must, I was gonna get a quote on my ribs like u got but I can't pick out the quote i want yet but I have been dreaming of getting one since i was 18 & never got round to doing it!! this year i will!!!! xxxxxx


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