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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Little Summer Tipple......

It's a brilliant thing, don't you think?

So this week I have been cruising it a little bit more than usual, as this weekend me & my family will be hosting a little get together/celebration for my grand parents diamond wedding anniversary. & being the 'hipster' that I am (jokes) I found myself & mummy having a good old nosey through pinterest, grabbing inspiration, from drinks to decorations, when I stumbled across millions of mouth watering pictures of different juices/drink ideas. 

Now I know what your all thinking...
How random is this post about drinks!? Well, I am a random person but more than that I am a HUGE foodie! & these ideas are simple, look amazing & are very easy to do, plus it gives me ideas for summer & my birthday- that is if we do have a summer at all here in England!!! 

So please feel free to have a drink at my blog bar....

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What is your favourite summer tipple?
Don't you just love the idea of serving drinks in jars?

Much love,


  1. amaaazing pictures:X:X:X very nice blog

    1. Thanks lovely, I know the pictures are fabulous- Thank god for pinterest!! xoxoxo


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