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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Beauty Review: Make Up Academy Cover & Conceal Concealer......

Makeup Academy Cover & Conceal Concealer- £1.50 Each

What has been established a lot here on VE is the fact that I bloody love MUA Cosmetics

So much so, that I tend to buy their products in bulk (two or three of each) just in case I can never get my hands on some of my favs for quiet awhile. Well ladies & gents I tell you this, one of my beloved products has been completely sold out for nearly a month & I am beyond distraught! 

The item in question is of course The Conceal & Brighten Kit in Porcelain Beige which I cannot rave about & love enough. To begin with I thought that because my two local stores that stock it usual are quiet tiny, that perhaps they hadn't got their order through yet so carried on waiting & checking every day. Two weeks past & I was literally scrapping the pan & corners, I started to check the Superdrug in Brighton- no luck. Then Crawley- the same, then Horsham- nope! I started to worry & have been checking online & every single day I'm on my lunch break in Brighton to see if they have had new stock of it in- BUT NOTHING!!!! This scrapping of corners lasted for close to a month & still there was no sign of them restocking it anytime soon, so I was forced to go & find an alternative for my beloved palette. Of course I didn't want to part with an uber amount of cash because if I didn't like the formula or the colour match was way off I would just beat myself up about how it was a waste of money & because I am such a MUA fan, I stuck with them & gave another product a whirl!

I brought all three colour shades on offer- Fair, Natural & Almond, all of which are shades you would expect in a concealer palette. The formula of them is quiet light & thin, which did concern me to begin with as I thought the coverage would be terrible but if you work in layers (two looks great) it's easily buildable and does not look cakey. I use the sponge applicator that it comes with to apply the product underneath my eyes & on any spots or redness & then using my ring finger, I lightly blend the product into the skin finishing off with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to take off any excess & buff it in. The colour I was the most excited to try was Almond- its the more peachier toned out of the three which is perfect for concealing dark circles under the eyes. Again I am blown away- they are cheap & cheerful, great coverage, easily buildable, no cakey-ness, look natural & feel lovely on the skin. Although I am still in love with my beloved palette, I think I may have a Summer romance with these babies- you never know it may turn into a marriage (fingers crossed these don't disappear too!). 

Have you tried these concealers? Does anyone know the mystery surrounding the Conceal & Brighten Kits?

Much Love,

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