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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer Reads......

L-R: 'The Fault in Our Stars' By John Green, 'Before We Met' By Lucie Whitehouse & 'The Goldfinch' By Donna Tartt.

Unlike Adam & quiet a lot of people I know, I am a huge book worm. 

I could spend hours wafting around the boook cladded aisles of Waterstones, weaving in & out of Fiction to Non-Fiction, Fashion To Cookery, Travel to Home Decor absorbing the titles in front of me. The scent alone makes me want to set up home for the day in a bookshop, a mix between new books with the lingering smell of freshly made coffee (maybe this is how they get us to buy so many books in one trip!!?). Also unlike many people who live in the twenty first century, I have to have a physical copy of a book- none of this ebook crap. No. I need to feel the book, physically turn the pages, smell the newness & crispness of each page & read. I'm sorry but that is reading!

Every Summer since I can remember I have a little ritual- I have to read an insane amount of books. I know what most of you are thinking- 'I'm crazy!', but I'm a fast reader, it keeps my brain ticking & I simply love it. Now this was all fairly easy when I had a whole six weeks off school for holidays (I think one year I read close to twenty!) but know I can only get two weeks off work during the summer it has become more of a challenge! This year especially as I am using my two weeks off to move house. So I ventured into WH Smiths this weekend with the intention of buying a wedding card for my cousin, which instead ended in me leaving Smiths with three books & no card! Yep I am a prize fool but I am an excited fool because I cannot wait to get stuck into these (what looks to be)corkers of books. 

The Fault in Our Stars By John Green: Last year I picked it up & put it down. Did I really want to cry into the pool in France about a teenager who has cancer? Not really my idea of fun, but this year I simply had to read it purely because I feel like it could be a life changing book (& I don't want to see the film fyi) & when Time Magazine calls it 'Dam near genius' you have to read it.

Before We Met By Lucie Whitehouse: This was a wild card buy I must admit. I am hugely into the Thriller genre of books & whilst reading the blurbs on a number of different books, this one drew me in the most. Marketed as a cross between Gillian Flynn's brilliant 'Gone Girl' & SJ Watson's 'Before I Go To Sleep' its a marriage thriller of a newly married women who waits for her husbands flight to arrive from The US to London Heathrow, but he never turns up & then she finds her bank account has been emptied. Very excited to start reading this but I have a feeling it won't be as good as Flynn or Coben's thrillers that I love. 

The Goldfinch By Donna Hartt: Its a Pulitzer Prize winner. That's why I got it. Well, that's one of the reasons I picked it up- like Gone Girl last year, this year social media has been a blaze as to how good 'The Goldfinch' is. Many have compared it to a modern day The Great Expectation which I'm not sure how I will get on with it as I'm not a huge fan of that book, but nevertheless I shall give it a whirl & see how it goes!

What are your Summer read recommendations?

Much Love,

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