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Friday, 11 April 2014

The Lazy Girls Hair: Beachy Glossy Waves (No Heat).....


I leave for work every morning at six am. Do you think I have time to put in any effort into my hair in the mornings? The answer to that my friends is a big fat NO! So what do I do to my hair to make it look a little more put together & as though I have been up since four getting ready for the day- the sleep with my hair in buns! 

Thats right folks, my hair secret is out. I sleep with my hair wet, nicely rolled up in some Miley-esque buns! You happy you asked now?! This is my favourite hair look of all time on me, I get so many compliments from people I work with asking how I make my hair look so effortless & glossy but the answer is quiet simple- I do really nothing to it. Simple, glossy, beachy waves are within reach plus it looks even better on day two hair *winks*

Check out the video (Here) to see how I achieved this look.

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