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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Nails Of The Week: In The Nude.....


I am very partial to a nude nail.

As February comes around with Spring just around the corner, I always find myself gravitating towards classic, simple & neutral nail polishes. It goes with just about anything, looks clean on the nails & adds a 'trying but not really trying' feel to an outfit. 

My 'Go To' nude of the moment is a forgotten treasure by Urban Outfitters called 'Doll' which I find is the perfect nude- pink but not too pink, biscuity but not really with the ability to make my nails looks like they seamlessly blend into my skin (such a good description right there ladies & gents!). I love the staying power of this polish as two days into wear it does not show any signs of chipping nor have I got any signs of wear & is still lovely & glossy in appearance. 

Paired with my favourite ripped boyfriend jeans & woven cardigan, the polish just adds that last effortless detail to a perfect weekend uniform. Whether your going out for brunch, meeting girl friends for a drink or cleaning the bathroom (we all do it!)- a nude nail is your perfect weekend nail. 

Because everything looks better 'In The Nude'.....

Much Love,

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