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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Blog Update: Catch Up, New Content & A Fresh Look......


I am currently singing along to The 'Les Miserables' soundtrack in my bunny PJ bottems & My Little Pony Sweat top eating an apple- multitasking much?!

The last couple of months have been absolutely crazy at work-(the joys of working in retail during peak trade!) with working in London, overnight shifts on a weekly basis, launching new season trends & just general everyday obstacles has meant that VintageELLE has been very neglected. But that should hopefully end today. 

Over the course of starting VE I have taken many breaks, created some great content, gained some lovely & loyal followers, travelled to some great countries & shared a lot of my life & thoughts that I could not say out loud with you all. However times are changing & blogging is evolving- gone are the days when taking a mediocre photo is good enough, now photographs look like they belong on the glossy pages of Vogue & Elle. I am not saying this is a negative thing, I am one of those who enjoy & aspire to build a blog on the same level as Vivianna Does Makeup, HelloOctober, Gh0stparties, LLYMRLS & ICovetThee. & therefore I need to keep up 'with the times' & create content that I would read, as well as embracing everything that running a full time blog entails.

To do this I need to work even harder then I have previously & deliver daily content to all you gorgeous readers, who I know wouldn't mind seeing seven post a week from me! So 2014 is a new & fresh start for VE, with a whole host of new content from travel to fashion to beauty to food to whatever else I feel the hell like writing- this little place of escapism is all about lifestyle pure & simple. If there is every anything you guys would like me to write about or feel needs to be expressed, then please comment below or tweet to me what you want to see/say. I pledge my commitment to this & to you.

Also we all know a new year means a new look & I am giving this blog a huge style overhaul, creating something that is a lot easier to navigate, cleaner & simple to read. Watch this space!

For now I just want to say thank you to all who have read & visited this little place on the internet so far, please carry on recommending VE to friends, posting links & reading what I have to say- I really truly want us all to grow & evolve. 

Much Love,

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