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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Being Elle: Summer Holiday, Welcome to The French Riviera......

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Bonsoir mes petit belle amies & welcome to the French Riviera!!

I hope you are all well & are enjoying your week so far, if you don't follow me on instagram (why the hell not!?) or twitter (again, why the hell not!?) then you would have no idea that I am currently in the South of France on holiday with my family- although if you read my last couple of posts then you would actually know or have guessed!

The French Riviera is everything I thought it would be & more- gorgeous views, excellent food & extremely sophisticated. My days have so far been spent relaxing by the pool, drinking chilled rose on the terrace watching the sunset over the bay of Cannes & wondering cobbled streets on the hunt for antiques- & I've only been here for four days!

If you want to see more from my Riviera adventure then follow me on both twitter & instagram where I post daily updates, & of course this will be the hub & scrapbook of my journey from Nice to Cannes, St Tropez to Monaco. 

Do you want to join me on my travels?

Much Love,

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  1. it looks like one amazing summer !!!!!! so beautiful :)


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