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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Ma Vacance Dans Le Francais......

Bonjour mes amies!
Ca va?

I have just returned from my family holiday in France (my parents have a slight obsession with the country!). My family & I generally go to France every summer (apart from last year when we stayed at home to sample the delights of England!)& we try to visit a different part of the country each time. However this year we visited the South-west of France, in the Charente Maritime region near Cognac which we have visited before. We stayed in the same farm house that we have rented three times before, which has a lovely rustic feel to it along with a private swimming pool! mega plus as the weather is hot & we all prefer to just lounge by a pool all day!

As well as chilling by the pool & me reading 8 books (!!??) we also visited many of the towns/cities within the region- Saint Jean D'Angely, (our nearest town to where we stayed) Saintes, La Rochelle, Rochefort & Angouleme to name a few. I love the french architecture, the wooden shutters on windows & the run down looking buildings just makes me feel like I'm looking at history.

Another plus I always find with France is how fresh all of their food is compared to this country, especially the fruit & veg. Yes I do have a slight obsession with food & yes I know I have said this before! Literally even if you walk into a supermarket regardless of the ranking of the supermarket, you are guaranteed fresh, homegrown fruit & veg that does not look like it has been cheaply processed & pumped with pesticides. I much prefer the look of crates of fruit & veg with maybe a hint of soil still left on them, rather then pre-packaged, cheap looking rubbish! England needs to take note here :)

Anyways all together it as a nice relaxing holiday & it was nice to spend time with my family, as with all of our busy lifestyles we don't really have time sometimes just to sit down & talk or play boardgames (which we did every night!)

So please sit back, relax, break out the popcorn & enjoy my holiday snaps.....


a funky, french old lady
La Rochelle
This guy was standing on top of a bin! I've seen better @ Covent Garden!
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Where is your favourite holiday destination or where have you been on holiday this year?

Much Love,

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