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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever....

Warning: Please be aware that this post includes a HUGE amount of generic blogging food shots!

How have you all been?

The weather has been really quiet nice this week & so having a day off at the beginning of the week, I thought to myself "I have the erg to spend time in the outdoors"- & being the spontaneous person that I am I grabbed my BF, started up the car & went strawberry picking!

We went to a farm about half hour away from where we live, just because this farm in particular has such a good reputation for strawberry picking, is very good value for money & we have both been there before (so would not get lost in trying to find it!) We had lunch there & wondered around the farm shop before heading off into the fields- I had a cheese & tomato quiche with new potato's & salad, cloudy apple juice (freshly squeezed on the premises) & a plain scone with butter & jam :) I love the cute little piece of tree with the table numbers carved into them, how cute!?

I really love farm shops with fresh, local produce & this one was brilliant- tonnes of local juices, jams, breads, meat, veg & fruit, cheeses, wine etc & being the fatty that I am brought too many packets of biscuits (but I balanced it out by buying 1 bottle of carrot juice & some fruit!) The shop also had a little gift shop that sold some really lovely shabby chic bits & bobs- hearts, china, photo frames the lot & everything was so well set out & presented it was really lovely.

Strawberry picking was SO much fun.

I felt like a little kid again, being naughty & putting strawberry's in my mouth instead of in the basket as I went along (opsey!) & ended up having strawberry stained hands for the rest of the day!

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Do you love fruit picking? Do you love to keep things local & support your local businesses?

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