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Thursday, 23 June 2011


Wednesday 22nd June, was my little sisters birthday- she turned 19 & like we do on most birthdays, our family went out for dinner. This time instead of going to a pub in our area we decided to venture out into the 'unknown' & head into town to Bella Italia.

CAUTION: Please excuse the generic 'here is my food' photographs!

Bella Italia is good- the food is reasonably priced, the atmosphere is nice, however for me one of my pet HATES is when you go into a restaurant & the food is not fresh & authentic. It's nice food, don't get me wrong, but when I eat out I want to eat something that is made from scratch start to finish & is authentic from the country it is from.

I had the Chicken in a tomato sauce, roasted vegetables & baby potatoes (though I kinda wished I had a Calazone like my sister) & for desert- which is always my favourite part of the meal, I had a chocolate torte with mascarpone cream.

But nevertheless we had a lovely meal out, my sister got spoilt rotten (as always!) & she had a lovely day :)

Where do you go out for birthdays or what traditions does your family have? Have you got a birthday coming up?

Much Love,


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