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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lucy in Disguise or Disaster?

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Lily Allen- Popstar turned Vintage clothing boutique owner, is launching her own vintage collection, within her vintage clothing store 'Lucy in Disguise', which draws on her inspiration and love for vintage clothing. Teaming up with Nadia Jones (creative director for Oasis) & launching it in 70 stores international, including firstly in Harvey Nichols, to me feels wrong.

I believe it is too commercial & not in keeping with the whole concept of the business.

Lily clearly LOVES fashion and truly wants to lead a 'normal' life, & I genuinely feel like her business is something that we need in today's market- especially for teens and girly's in their twenties who like me cannot afford to buy designer vintage pieces. However seeing that she is now venturing out into designing her own vintage inspired clothing just does not fit the business- especially considering Lily wanted to get away from the world of celebrity. I also feel that creating 'fake' vintage is something that is being done a lot on the high street at the moment & I would personally much rather buy something that is genuine vintage rather then spend a great deal more on something that is vintage inspired.

Yes, the designs look good but is her clientele really shopping in Harvey Nichols & can they really afford the £95 or over price tag? Do you think she should stick to her niche & stop expanding her business too rapidly?

What do you guys think? Great idea or limiting her market?

Much Love,

p.s I'm watching Riches to Rags as we speak!!


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